…probably to Blogspot, but I haven’t yet decided. What I have positively decided is that wordpress.com is another of those “in-the-bag” institutions that will do whatever they can to get Barack Obama elected, including allowing select blogs to continue to exist despite that they violate the wordpress.com Terms of Service. Case in point–a website claiming to be run by the “true John McCain” (itself a violation of the TOS) uses inflammatory language including the terms “gay greek motherfucker” and “nigger” to portray John McCain as a racist and homophobe–ALSO clearly in violation of the wordpress.com Terms of Service. I PERSONALLY called this site to the attention of wordpress.com, and was initially informed that they were “watching” the site. When I objected that there was no reason to watch a site that clearly violated their TOS, they told me that the site was “clearly satire” and therefore it was okay for it to remain…?

Here are the wordpress.com TOS as they relate to the racially-tainted passages on the site in question:

2. Responsibility of Contributors. If you operate a blog, comment on a blog, post material to the Website, post links on the Website, or otherwise make (or allow any third party to make) material available by means of the Website (any such material, “Content”), You are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content. That is the case regardless of whether the Content in question constitutes text, graphics, an audio file, or computer software. By making Content available, you represent and warrant that:

…the Content is not obscene, libelous or defamatory, hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party; (emphasis added by oldageandtreachery)

If that doesn’t make it perfectly clear that such words, expressions and activities are not permitted, nothing does. This is just ONE EXAMPLE of the clear violations that I pointed out, yet wordpress.com refuses to enforce their own TOS. The fact is there is absolutely no reason this website has been allowed to continue; wordpress.com is therefore, in my opinion, complicit in this slander and character assassination and any respectable blogger should find a new home–CERTAINLY any right-thinking blogger.

There are many alternatives to wordpress out there; all offer some or all of the features, and many offer even more. I encourage you, if you believe in decency and fairness, to remove your own blog from wordpress.com to a site more likely to actually care what goes on (and who actually will enforce the rules equally, fairly and CONSISTENTLY).

PS – I have not (and will not) identified the blog in question because I’m not going to give them any publicity whatsoever. It’s bad enough that wordpress allows this crap to go on–I’m not going to make it worse by pointing people to it.


This will be my last post on this blog, or rather at this site.  My new blog home, at least until I find a more fully-featured alternative, is at Google’s BLOGGER.COM, here.  I’ve decided to close this blog because the host organization, WordPress.com, refuses to enforce their own terms of service against a blogger who believes it’s okay to pose as John McCain and use racial, ethnic and sexual epithets like “nigger” and “greek gay motherf***er”–and apparently it IS okay because WordPress.com will do nothing about it despite that both the posing as McCain and, more importantly, those references themselves CLEARLY violate the WordPress.com Terms of Service.  I encourage you to read the ToS yourself and then make your objections known by emailing WordPress at support@wordpress.com.  I look forward to continuing the growth of this blog at BLOGGER.COM, and I encourage all of you–even you moron Liberals–to come by and have coffee (or, in the case of the Libs, Obama Kool-ade).

Now, on to the post at hand (this will also be posted in its entirety on the new site for those wishing to go there now–comments will be replied to on the new site but there is no guarantee of a reply or even approval here).

I have long believed, and continue to do so, that our economy is not in near as bad a shape as the fear-mongering Democrats would like you to believe.  Much as the Republicans own the issue of terrorism and national security, Democrats have (entirely through the timing of cyclical economic trends which, fortunately for the Dems, run in patterns that favor their rare ascendance to the White House) been able to successfully lay claim to economic issues.  Just as the Republicans want to drive national security fears for political purposes, so do the Democrats drive economic fears.  People won’t vote for Barack Obama unless things look really dire economically.  The Democrats know this, which is why they clearly cheerlead the economic bad news that has been assailing us lately.  When businesses fail leaders in the Democrat party go home with hard-ons.  That’s a sad but incontrovertable truth.  Could the same be said for the Hawks in the Republican party?  Probably…but we haven’t had a grave national security threat in seven years so at the moment that’s a non-issue.  Even the police action in Iraq isn’t in the American consciousness anymore, it would seem.

In any case, Democrats NEED to negatively drive the economic issue to win elections.  This is why you see so many of them complaining about the next “Great Depression” every time McDonalds raises the price of a cheeseburger.  This is also why you should essentially ignore these dire words at almost every utterance.


The crisis facing us now is, quite possibly, the leadup to an economic meltdown of exactly Depression-like proportions.  If you ask any Republican they (we) are going to point to the idiotic policies of the Democrats in charge, and if you ask any Democtrat they’re going to point to deregulation supported by many Republicans as the reasons for this situation.  Both arguments have some merit and I would discuss the mechanics of the breakdown if the blame game would be useful at this point.  Fact is, though, it wouldn’t be.  More to the point, it would be counterproductive at this juncture to bother pointing fingers because, right at this moment, we’re at the mouth of the chasm and our footing is giving way underneath us.  It’s time to find a solution, even a temporary one, and worry about how we got here later.

While it’s important that we make progress toward the salvation of our economic engine, and do it quickly, it’s also important that we assure ourselves that the cure doesn’t ultimately lead to greater disease.  $700 billion is a pretty big bandaid, but if the wound festers underneath it will be exactly that–a covering that disguises what’s actually happening, with more and worse consequences on the horizon.  Let’s be real here; this “bailout” amounts to a $2300 check from every man, woman and child in the United States, due and payable TODAY.  The actual dollars will be added to the national debt, and as we all know that is a burden that could be passed down to our children.  It’s also a crushing amount that could spell ruination for this country–and you should make no mistake about that.  Just as these banking institutions are failing due to too much debt and not enough money, so could the U. S. Government reach a critical tipping point where our assets are not enough to cover our debts and the “value” of those assets–the value of our government itself–will plummet.  Other countries have the potential to buy up the United States if that happens, and it doesn’t take a genius to understand that owning the government, literally, means owning the country.  I don’t speak Chinese well enough to feel comfortable with that scenario.

So what do our Democrat friends (and, in this case, our lame duck Republican President) want to do with this money?  They want to buy up all the bad debt that is out there causing the economic engine to sieze up in the first place.  They want to take ownership of paper that investors have deemed WORTHLESS, and with it assume ownership of real estate assets that back those securities.  They want you to believe that this will solve, at least temporarily, our problems and that those assets and securities will climb in value in the coming (what, months?  years? DECADES???).

If you believe that, there’s some swampland in Florida and oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.  The deeds on that are worth about as much as the ones Congress wants to buy with your $700 BILLION today.

So what does this magnanimous bit of generosity buy, exactly, besides worthless paper?  Well, it greases the wheels of credit–we all know how productive credit is in this country, right?–and it “saves” a few financial institutions that played fast and loose with our money once before.  What it DOESN’T do is hold anyone accountable for this mess, or take any of the money back out of the pockets of those who got rich while this crisis was simmering.  It also, rightly or wrongly, offers a lifeline to the lot of us–and it’s a lifeline we absolutely must take advantage of.  The collapse that would otherwise come is far worse than the one the Democrats keep harping about…this time.

So we’re left with a shitty resolution to an immediate problem that must be solved, yes?


REPUBLICANS in congress have a better idea, and ironically it’s the one that is supported by the vast majority of Americans who want nothing to do with this whole bailout thing in the first place.  Yes, it is the Repubs who want to protect the taxpayer (and their constituents who, like me, have called and written to express our deep opposition to this idiocy).  Republicans want to halt the mass giveaway of taxpayer dollars, scuttle the idea of buying up worthless paper, and instead offer a real-dollar “crutch” to Wall Street in the form of low-interest loans and other options that still grease the wheels but without assuming ridiculous risks and iffy payback plans.  Republicans want to hold banking and brokerage institutions accountable for their stupidity by making them foot the bill for their own bailout.  Additionally Republicans want to create financial incentives to bring money back into the marketplace naturally, by–among other ideas–cutting the capital gains taxes that stifle economic growth in the first place.

To use the football analogy, Democrats and the President want to go with the “when all else fails, punt” philosophy.  I, and (thank God) a majority of the congressional Republicans want to run the fucking offense.  It may be fourth down and ten to go, but let’s remember that we have a $12 TRILLION dollar guard up front and a pretty fleet-footed jackrabbit in the backfield who has sprinted us to the goal line many times before.  We just have to get the ball in his hands.

The reality is that this DOES have to be done now, and it DOES require the input of whoever our next President is because, frankly, this mess will dominate his entire administration for years to come.  Once again congressional Democrats are the ones trying to play political football (except that their idea of football is to give the ball to the other team and hope nobody breaks one deep) and blame Republicans for the holdup.  Republicans (and John McCain) want to make sure that, with the game on the line, we’ve got the best play called.

A resounding majority of the Americans in the stands agree with the Republicans.  It’s time for the President and the Democrats to lead the charge, or get the hell out of the way.  The clock is running out, we’re out of time outs, the game is on the line and I’m sorry to say to Barney Frank, but PUNTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Here’s an update that I probably shouldn’t share but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  In a poll internal to the state GOP (and not one you’ll see on RealClearPolitics!) John McCain is WINNING EVERY COUNTY IN PENNSYLVANIA but three.  Those three are the ones you would expect them to be–the Pittsburgh and Philly areas, and one other.   The state is RED, but for the cities…and this includes two counties that I’m extremely familiar with where Dems outnumber Republicans by an insane margin.

And it’s not even OCTOBER yet.  Remember, Republicans ALWAYS close the gap in the last few weeks.

I can barely contain myself.   🙂

You know, if John McCain should lose this election (he won’t, but if hypothetically he did) he could immediately begin a new career as a chess player.  These moves by the McCain campaign get more and more brilliant by the minute.  It is to the point where even the Republicans don’t know what is coming next.  Now if we’re all that far off-balance, how teeter-tottery do the Obamabots have to be?

Suspending the campaign and the debate in order to return to Washington to hammer out this bailout deal–that’s a stroke of guts and genius that, frankly, I’m not sure another person in American could have made.  The move does five distinct, and incredibly important, things:

First, and most importantly, it puts Barack Obama squarely in a corner from which he has no good escape.  THERE IS NOTHING BARACK OBAMA CAN DO AT THIS POINT THAT DOES NOT IN SOME WAY UNDERMINE HIM.  His options are limited.  He can ignore McCain’s call for his own return to Washington, in which case he looks like an opportunist who is only interested in his own political future, not the welfare of the country.   He can’t take this option without whining about McCain and the move, which will make him look even more weak.  He’s already pretty much a pansy and this would just make that picture all the more vivid.  The only other thing he can do is to suspend his own campaign and join McCain, in which case he’s clearly stepping to John McCain’s tune; this assuredly paints Obama as a follower and not a leader at all.  Additionally, with all the recent talk about racial undertones, any agreement to join McCain in Washington would clearly throw Obama into a “yassir, Mr. McCain” light and that cannot be in any way good for The Annointed One.  There is no tenable position in this for Obama, and his campaign knows it.

The second thing that’s so brilliant about this is it shoves the whole bailout issue right back in the face of Congressional Democrats who were trying to play politics with it.  They made clear that they would not support any bailout unless John McCain agreed to it also.  This was clearly an attempt to paint McCain as a weakling who had to step to THEIR tune, as well as giving themselves an out if things failed–“well, McCain was in favor of it too!”.  By stepping up to the plate and calling their bluff, McCain has clearly dictated the terms of the issue and has said, in effect, “bring it on”.  By taking this bold move, McCain is now setting the agenda, setting the conditions, and setting the timetable.  If this doesn’t look Presidential, I don’t know what does.  More importantly, it throws the blame for any inactivity back SQUARELY onto the do-nothing Congress, who are already roundly disliked nationwide.   This will raise McCain’s political stock significantly, but it will also raise the GOP stock across the board.

Third, this alters the headlines away from the “lead” that Barack Obama and his in-the-bag press surrogates are trying to claim he’s building.  I’m going to say this again, and repeat it until November 5–BARACK OBAMA IS LOSING THIS ELECTION–but the press is going to come out and say that he’s opening up a wide gap now and that McCain is finished, in the hopes that GOP spirits will be dashed and Republicans won’t come out to vote.  By making this move now, at the same time this “widening lead” chorus is entering the choir loft, attention is diverted toward McCain and puts him back in the spotlight.  The “widening lead” issue will be a minor story which will last for a couple of days, but will disappear as McCain and his surrogates build the case of President McCain and his Economic Strategy.  It’s an amazing political move, shrewdly executed, at exactly the right time.

Fourth, this throws the Obama camp into a message mess.  What exactly do they say now?  How do they spin this?  How does this affect Obama’s debate prep?  What do they prepare for?  When do they even get to debate?  Once again John McCain is putting the Obama camp on the defensive, making them answer rather than ask the questions.  This always throws Obama, who absolutely cannot think on his feet, and Biden, who absolutely can’t open his mouth without saying something colossally stupid, completely to the wind.  It’s going to be fun to watch as they struggle for footing again.

And lastly, it’s going to give McCain the opening he’s been wanting all along.  HERE’S WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN…the ENTIRE Obama nation is going to cry “coward” toward John McCain.  They’re going to claim McCain is afraid to debate Obama (which even those dolts should know is patently absurd), and EVEN OBAMA’S OWN PEOPLE are going to be screaming for the two candidates to square off.  Well, John McCain has been screaming for this himself for months, and Barack Obama has been denying him.  Now, with all sides clamoring for it, John McCain will call Obama out–and this time the whiney little loser will have no choice…he’ll have to accept.  Point McCain, who again gets to set the terms and have Barack Obama stepping to a tune John the Warrior is calling.  Remember, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST…that is absolutely what is going to happen.

This is the shrewdest move any politician has ever tried, to my recollection.  It’s gutsy, calculated, good for the country and more importantly good for McCain.  There’s only one part of this that works against him, and that is that the American people will be disappointed there won’t be a “cage match” this Friday.  We’ve all been looking forward to it, and at first we’re going to be a little upset–BUT THAT UPSET WON’T LAST FOR LONG because you can be certain the McCain team has a debate planned.  It may even occur on Friday!  The thing is, it’s going to occur on John McCain’s terms, and there’s not a damned thing Barack Obama can do about it now.  BRILLIANT, absolutely brilliant.

If there were no news, how many newspapers do you suppose would sell each day?  If there was nothing with which to be interested, no scandals, no flaps, no gaffes or missteps, how much viewership would CNN or MSNBC have?  If foregone conclusions were actually foregone, how much attention would be paid to “60 Minutes” or “Meet the Press”?  If there was no drama, how much advertising do you suppose would be sold, and how much do you think they could get for it?

There is a foregone conclusion that, if you look closely enough and you know what you’re looking at, should be easy enough for even a novice to spot.  This conclusion is supported in other places than the public media (which I’ll get to in a moment) but you really don’t need to look any further than your local newspaper to know the truth of exactly what I’m about to tell you.  Here’s the secret…

Assuming all the players remain the same, Barack Obama cannot win in November.

This is not conjecture; it’s common sense and, more importantly, there is “private knowledge” that does not get released to the news media that supports this.  In Pennsylvania, for instance, John McCain is polling ahead of Barack Obama in counties that have essentially never been competitive for Republicans even during the Reagan years.  This news comes from what is known as “internal polls”.  You’ll never get to see those unless you’re close to the campaign or you’re pretty intimate with party big-wigs (which, as it happens, I am).  The polls you DO get to see are as much about showmanship as anything; Scott Rasumussen gets paid a hefty sum for his polls, to be sure, but he’s paid quite a bit for his appearances on television too.  If there was no “news”, if there was no “competition”, how much work do you suppose he’d get?

I’m not saying there is no truth to what you see reported on RealClearPolitics.com–there is some.  However, it is exceedingly obvious, particularly in this campaign, that the press has an agenda that they are pushing that includes getting Barack Obama elected at all costs.  Part of the reason for this is their declining revenues and circulation numbers–and the biggest reason those numbers are declining is because America has become aware and grown tired of their incredible bias in favor of the Left.  Much of America now turns to conservative talk radio for a bit of balance (Rush Limbaugh has far more influence on America than the New York Times, L. A. Times and Washington Post combined) and to Fox News for something resembling “fair and balanced”.  You’ll notice that Fox News is watched significantly more than CNN and MSNBC–again, why do you think that is?  The left-leaning press has only one shot of taking those competitors out and returning to their monopoly on the news–it’s called the “fairness doctrine” (a misnomer if ever there was one) which is a law designed to require conservative talk radio stations to air liberal views.  That piece of legislation will not see the light of day unless a Liberal is elected President, and he’s given a Liberal congress to work with, which is one of the reasons the press is so in-the-bag for Barack Obama.

Now let me get back around to the reason for this post.  It’s fairly well known in “private” circles that Barack Obama can’t win in November unless some major radical move is made.  For obvious reasons this is not reported in public BUT, if you look closely enough, you can see it for yourself.  Here’s what you need to look for–editorials that make excuses for Obama’s loss, or that “prepare” you for it.  My favorite of these is the “if Obama loses it will be because of his race”–have you seen any of those around lately?  While his race is certainly a major factor in this contest (and it will definitely cost him severely), it really doesn’t matter whether it’s race, women or lipstick on a pig…if you see the press giving excuses for why he “might” lose, HE HAS LOST.  Remember, this was an election that the Republicans couldn’t possibly win.  Democrats were supposed to elect a President and significantly increase their presence in both houses of Congress.  Have you seen any excuses for the congressional swing yet?  You will.  Remember, when you’re digesting all of this and thinking it through…exactly how many articles would you read by ANYONE, liberal or conservative, if this race was not a race?  The media, the pundits and the pollsters all have a vested interest in maintaining the appearance of a questionable outcome.  Trust me–this race is not even half as compeititive as they would have you believe.

There are two major reasons why Obama can’t win as things stand now.  The first, it has been and will continue to be correctly pointed out, is that he’s Black.  I’ll be blasted as a racist for stating the truth, but truth it is and there’s no getting around it.  I work alongside lifelong Democrats who have never voted for a Republican in their lives; they are not only voting McCain, but they’re helping with the campaign!  Privately a plurality of them tell me that race is the reason.  Simple fact, simple truth, AND I LIVE IN AN EXCEEDINGLY LIBERAL AND “ENLIGHTENED” AREA.  If this is the sentiment here, what is it like in Alabama?

The second reason Obama can’t win is he will not get the Women’s vote.  Younger, more easily duped women perhaps–but the majority (and believe me, it’s a VAST majority) will be voting McCain this year.  Again, polling numbers (both public and private) support this.  Without the female vote in this country, no candidate has much of a chance.  Given the huge numbers of women moving away from Obama, he would be done for no matter what his color.  The Democrats cost themselves the White House when they made Barack Obama their candidate; Barack Obama removed any chance he had WHATSOEVER when he failed to tap Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Which brings me to the last thing I should mention–the only chance Obama DOES have (and that window is closing rapidly).  If the Obama campaign drops Joe Biden (it will be some mysterious “illness” or somesuch) and brings Hillary on for VP, he could possibly turn things around.  I don’t think it will be enough, personally, but he’ll get back a lot of the vote in places like Pennsylvania.  ADDING HILLARY CLINTON TO THE TICKET IS THE ONLY CHANCE OF WINNING THAT BARACK OBAMA HAS.  If he waits much more than another week or two, even that chance is gone.  I say he has until the second debate, tops.

This is where the public polls are so powerful.  Frankly, the only people who follow those things at this stage of the game are the true “political junkies”…folks like me who wake out of a dead sleep to visions of RCP and Politico articles and blog posts.  AS LONG AS THOSE PUBLIC POLLS ARE RUNNING IN FAVOR OF OBAMA, THERE WON’T BE A CRY FROM THE JUNKIE-PUBLIC TO EXCOMMUNICATE BIDEN AND ADD HILLARY…and as long as that call is not made, Obama can’t really do that.  So long as Barry is up in the polls, he’s all but stuck with his choice…which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that McCain STAY BEHIND in the public polls.  I wake up every day PRAYING to see that Obama is up by 2-5 points.  That makes my morning.

So long as he is, I’ll be celebrating a McCain victory in November.

Abe Greenwald today contends that John McCain has squandered the lead he developed after an exceedingly successful Republican convention, and he did it by slipping into slime-ball politics fresh off a clean-and-correct performance that got him to this point.

I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s Greenwald’s complete commentary.

Here’s the response I posted in comment to the story:

“You’re right. I don’t mind if McCain wants to come out tough and hard–this is a fight, after all, and it’s a fight with an opponent who plays dirty even by political standards. However, what will, in the end, win the day here is the maturity and wisdom of John McCain over the disingenuous pandering and street-thuggery of the amateur he’s facing in this election.

The simple fact is that for the Maverick image to stick, McCain has to be above the slime-ball tactics. He’s got to be tough but fair, direct but factual, and he can’t skirt the fringes of truth (as his campaign did with the “kindergarten” ad). The content of his advertising has to be more than just “true”…it has to be “legitimate”.

Claiming that the reason he’s now trailing in the polls is that he’s facing a hostile media, while (again) being true, is beside the point. THESE ARE THE RULES BY WHICH HE IS REQUIRED TO PLAY. All the whining in the world isn’t going to change his press coverage, and will only likely drive the press even further into the bag for Obama. McCain has to accept that this is the situation with which he’s presented, and find a reasonable way to succeed in spite of it, not fail because of it.

John McCain is never going to get the vote of the left, and he’s never going to lose the vote of the right. He must hold himself up, from this point forward, as a shining beacon to the MIDDLE GROUND. The fact is the middle doesn’t trust Barack Obama and they frankly don’t like him all that much. If McCain gets into the mud to scrap with him, the only thing they’ll have to choose from is two of a kind–that’s a battle Obama wins in this election cycle.

Besides, McCain has enough of us doing the “dirty” work for him–it’s time he removed himself from the hog pen.”

It should be noted here that unlike those who live and die with the polls (and are now wringing their hands that McCain has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory), I have absolutely no doubt who our next President is going to be, and his name ain’t Obama. Even given the general stupidity of a plurality of the American electorate (who, somehow, are registered Democrat), the fact is nobody is going to buy into this guy once that curtain closes. He’ll get the whacko leftists, but he’s going to lose the center and he had no chance whatsoever with anyone to the right of center because, let’s face it, he’s a fricken’ Commie. No real American is going to vote for Barack Obama, so McCain supporters can stop worrying. Still, McCain needs to REASSURE the middle, and those true Americans, that they’re not buying “more of the same”, as Obama would like to paint McCain. They want a Maverick, he needs to be that to them. WE WANT A MAVERICK–and we expect one now. It’s time for McCain to regain his horse and climb back aboard, find that high road and ride it to Washington…and send this Socialist opportunist back to Chicago where thugs and liars belong.

Here’s the side of Barack Obama that “political junkies” are well aware of, but the general American public may not be. Once again the Obama campaign has encouraged it’s supporters (already a collection of rabid militant rabble-rousers) to jam the phone lines of CHICAGO radio station WGN for airing an interview with a writer who is less-than-sympathetic toward Obama. The Obama campaign has frankly “encited” the crowd to undermine free speech in these heinous activities, which include keeping the station’s lines tied up so that callers interested in the program do not have an opportunity to get through with their questions. It appears the campaign also aimed to create an overload in the station’s email boxes, presumeably to disrupt regular communications (in effect, “bombing” the station’s email so other messages would be lost in the shuffle).

Ya’ know how the liberal media and the left-wing whack-jobs tried to spread the false message that Sarah Palin had banned books when she was mayor of Wasilla? Here we have the Obama campaign ACTIVELY pursuing a policy of deliberately undermining the discourse of ideas–yet there’s no public outcry in the mainstream media. Is anyone shocked by this? I’m certainly not.

These are ACORN tactics; not surprising considering the company Obama keeps. Here’s just another example of this very anti-American individual and his campaign attempting to destroy our American principles and heritage. Despicable, once again–but not at all surprising.