If there were no news, how many newspapers do you suppose would sell each day?  If there was nothing with which to be interested, no scandals, no flaps, no gaffes or missteps, how much viewership would CNN or MSNBC have?  If foregone conclusions were actually foregone, how much attention would be paid to “60 Minutes” or “Meet the Press”?  If there was no drama, how much advertising do you suppose would be sold, and how much do you think they could get for it?

There is a foregone conclusion that, if you look closely enough and you know what you’re looking at, should be easy enough for even a novice to spot.  This conclusion is supported in other places than the public media (which I’ll get to in a moment) but you really don’t need to look any further than your local newspaper to know the truth of exactly what I’m about to tell you.  Here’s the secret…

Assuming all the players remain the same, Barack Obama cannot win in November.

This is not conjecture; it’s common sense and, more importantly, there is “private knowledge” that does not get released to the news media that supports this.  In Pennsylvania, for instance, John McCain is polling ahead of Barack Obama in counties that have essentially never been competitive for Republicans even during the Reagan years.  This news comes from what is known as “internal polls”.  You’ll never get to see those unless you’re close to the campaign or you’re pretty intimate with party big-wigs (which, as it happens, I am).  The polls you DO get to see are as much about showmanship as anything; Scott Rasumussen gets paid a hefty sum for his polls, to be sure, but he’s paid quite a bit for his appearances on television too.  If there was no “news”, if there was no “competition”, how much work do you suppose he’d get?

I’m not saying there is no truth to what you see reported on RealClearPolitics.com–there is some.  However, it is exceedingly obvious, particularly in this campaign, that the press has an agenda that they are pushing that includes getting Barack Obama elected at all costs.  Part of the reason for this is their declining revenues and circulation numbers–and the biggest reason those numbers are declining is because America has become aware and grown tired of their incredible bias in favor of the Left.  Much of America now turns to conservative talk radio for a bit of balance (Rush Limbaugh has far more influence on America than the New York Times, L. A. Times and Washington Post combined) and to Fox News for something resembling “fair and balanced”.  You’ll notice that Fox News is watched significantly more than CNN and MSNBC–again, why do you think that is?  The left-leaning press has only one shot of taking those competitors out and returning to their monopoly on the news–it’s called the “fairness doctrine” (a misnomer if ever there was one) which is a law designed to require conservative talk radio stations to air liberal views.  That piece of legislation will not see the light of day unless a Liberal is elected President, and he’s given a Liberal congress to work with, which is one of the reasons the press is so in-the-bag for Barack Obama.

Now let me get back around to the reason for this post.  It’s fairly well known in “private” circles that Barack Obama can’t win in November unless some major radical move is made.  For obvious reasons this is not reported in public BUT, if you look closely enough, you can see it for yourself.  Here’s what you need to look for–editorials that make excuses for Obama’s loss, or that “prepare” you for it.  My favorite of these is the “if Obama loses it will be because of his race”–have you seen any of those around lately?  While his race is certainly a major factor in this contest (and it will definitely cost him severely), it really doesn’t matter whether it’s race, women or lipstick on a pig…if you see the press giving excuses for why he “might” lose, HE HAS LOST.  Remember, this was an election that the Republicans couldn’t possibly win.  Democrats were supposed to elect a President and significantly increase their presence in both houses of Congress.  Have you seen any excuses for the congressional swing yet?  You will.  Remember, when you’re digesting all of this and thinking it through…exactly how many articles would you read by ANYONE, liberal or conservative, if this race was not a race?  The media, the pundits and the pollsters all have a vested interest in maintaining the appearance of a questionable outcome.  Trust me–this race is not even half as compeititive as they would have you believe.

There are two major reasons why Obama can’t win as things stand now.  The first, it has been and will continue to be correctly pointed out, is that he’s Black.  I’ll be blasted as a racist for stating the truth, but truth it is and there’s no getting around it.  I work alongside lifelong Democrats who have never voted for a Republican in their lives; they are not only voting McCain, but they’re helping with the campaign!  Privately a plurality of them tell me that race is the reason.  Simple fact, simple truth, AND I LIVE IN AN EXCEEDINGLY LIBERAL AND “ENLIGHTENED” AREA.  If this is the sentiment here, what is it like in Alabama?

The second reason Obama can’t win is he will not get the Women’s vote.  Younger, more easily duped women perhaps–but the majority (and believe me, it’s a VAST majority) will be voting McCain this year.  Again, polling numbers (both public and private) support this.  Without the female vote in this country, no candidate has much of a chance.  Given the huge numbers of women moving away from Obama, he would be done for no matter what his color.  The Democrats cost themselves the White House when they made Barack Obama their candidate; Barack Obama removed any chance he had WHATSOEVER when he failed to tap Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Which brings me to the last thing I should mention–the only chance Obama DOES have (and that window is closing rapidly).  If the Obama campaign drops Joe Biden (it will be some mysterious “illness” or somesuch) and brings Hillary on for VP, he could possibly turn things around.  I don’t think it will be enough, personally, but he’ll get back a lot of the vote in places like Pennsylvania.  ADDING HILLARY CLINTON TO THE TICKET IS THE ONLY CHANCE OF WINNING THAT BARACK OBAMA HAS.  If he waits much more than another week or two, even that chance is gone.  I say he has until the second debate, tops.

This is where the public polls are so powerful.  Frankly, the only people who follow those things at this stage of the game are the true “political junkies”…folks like me who wake out of a dead sleep to visions of RCP and Politico articles and blog posts.  AS LONG AS THOSE PUBLIC POLLS ARE RUNNING IN FAVOR OF OBAMA, THERE WON’T BE A CRY FROM THE JUNKIE-PUBLIC TO EXCOMMUNICATE BIDEN AND ADD HILLARY…and as long as that call is not made, Obama can’t really do that.  So long as Barry is up in the polls, he’s all but stuck with his choice…which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that McCain STAY BEHIND in the public polls.  I wake up every day PRAYING to see that Obama is up by 2-5 points.  That makes my morning.

So long as he is, I’ll be celebrating a McCain victory in November.


If you’re just not sure how much trouble the Obama campaign is in, a few minutes’ listen to the opening of the Rush Limbaugh show this afternoon should help you guage that quite well.  During the introductory part of the episode, Limbaugh was utterly unable to contain himself…not with rage, not with acrimony or sanctimony, but with pure, unadulterated GLEE.  At the risk of making a sexist comment, he was literally giggling like a schoolgirl for a period that must have lasted ten or fifteen minutes.

Now Limbaugh is generally rather effusive anyway, but anyone who has been around people much (as I have) or who has been a radio air personality (as I have) can recognize right-off whether or not someone’s enthusiasm is real or fabricated.  I assure you Mr. Limbaugh was simply beside himself with joy, every bit of it emanating from that place deep inside that we only get to access on very rare occasions.  He was positively overjoyed with how poorly Barack Obama and Joe Biden have played their hand since the Limbaugh show went off the air yesterday.  Like me, Rush Limbaugh recognizes that Obama delivered a fatal blow to his campaign yesterday.  The end has been pretty clearly in sight for a few days now, but Obama passed out field glasses with his “Lipstick on a Pig” comment.

Now today, Obama comes out defiant and belligerent instead of somewhat apologetic.  Supporters of the Democrat nominee might take some comfort in this new stance; those of us with a brain see it for what it is.  This is a last-ditch effort to force the ship back onto it’s preferred course, and to begin defining the “rules” of the contest again.

What Barry doesn’t understand is that the rules have already been written, and he’s broken them without pause.  Not only has he trampled on the obvious ones, he’s defiled the unwritten rules as well.  By showing not the slightest bit of remorse, he’s basically telling the women’s vote that he doesn’t need it.  He may as well have said “Piss Off, Ladies”.  The effect would be just the same.

If you haven’t been offended by Obama’s callous disregard for women, and you haven’t been shocked by his incredible lack of wisdom and judgement, and you haven’t been nauseated by his pedantic dismissal of small-town Americans and the values we hold so dear–well, you’d vote for Vladimir Putin if he was running on the non-Republican ticket this year.  If, on the other hand, you actually HAVE an inkling of common sense and respect for yourself (and the great nation we live in), you’ll reject this guy outright and you’ll do it in dramatic fashion.  The Democrats need to be sent a clear message–DON’T GIVE US AN AMATEUR.  Don’t nominate a guy who is barely ready to run a traffic school.  Nominate someone with some gravitas, for Heaven’s sake.

Y’all remember that Clinton lady you had in your party awhile back?  She might have been someone to think about.  You probably should look into that sometime.

(Hey, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but I’d vote for her in a HEARTBEAT over this hack any day of the week.)

Dear Hillary,

We’re sorry.  We’re really, really sorry.  No, really…we really are.  We’re so very, terribly sorry.

Won’t you please, please come back and help us win this time?  It’s true we’ve let you down and we don’t deserve to have you back.  We’re nincompoops.  We’re incompetent.  We drank the Kool-aid.  We just so wanted this guy to be the real deal.  We know we didn’t bother actually studying him much and we know we dissed you in the process of annointing him.  Please don’t hold us responsible for our idiocy.  Please please PLEASE come back.  You can be Numero Uno.  We’ll jettison Biden.  Hell, we’ll jettison Barry…we know he’s a loser now anyhow.  Just please come back.  We need you.  We screwed up and we’re sorry.

We’re really, really sorry.  Really.



The Democrats



No?  Damn.



Dear Al,

We’re sorry.  We really, really are…