Here’s an update that I probably shouldn’t share but sometimes I just can’t help myself.  In a poll internal to the state GOP (and not one you’ll see on RealClearPolitics!) John McCain is WINNING EVERY COUNTY IN PENNSYLVANIA but three.  Those three are the ones you would expect them to be–the Pittsburgh and Philly areas, and one other.   The state is RED, but for the cities…and this includes two counties that I’m extremely familiar with where Dems outnumber Republicans by an insane margin.

And it’s not even OCTOBER yet.  Remember, Republicans ALWAYS close the gap in the last few weeks.

I can barely contain myself.   🙂


You know, if John McCain should lose this election (he won’t, but if hypothetically he did) he could immediately begin a new career as a chess player.  These moves by the McCain campaign get more and more brilliant by the minute.  It is to the point where even the Republicans don’t know what is coming next.  Now if we’re all that far off-balance, how teeter-tottery do the Obamabots have to be?

Suspending the campaign and the debate in order to return to Washington to hammer out this bailout deal–that’s a stroke of guts and genius that, frankly, I’m not sure another person in American could have made.  The move does five distinct, and incredibly important, things:

First, and most importantly, it puts Barack Obama squarely in a corner from which he has no good escape.  THERE IS NOTHING BARACK OBAMA CAN DO AT THIS POINT THAT DOES NOT IN SOME WAY UNDERMINE HIM.  His options are limited.  He can ignore McCain’s call for his own return to Washington, in which case he looks like an opportunist who is only interested in his own political future, not the welfare of the country.   He can’t take this option without whining about McCain and the move, which will make him look even more weak.  He’s already pretty much a pansy and this would just make that picture all the more vivid.  The only other thing he can do is to suspend his own campaign and join McCain, in which case he’s clearly stepping to John McCain’s tune; this assuredly paints Obama as a follower and not a leader at all.  Additionally, with all the recent talk about racial undertones, any agreement to join McCain in Washington would clearly throw Obama into a “yassir, Mr. McCain” light and that cannot be in any way good for The Annointed One.  There is no tenable position in this for Obama, and his campaign knows it.

The second thing that’s so brilliant about this is it shoves the whole bailout issue right back in the face of Congressional Democrats who were trying to play politics with it.  They made clear that they would not support any bailout unless John McCain agreed to it also.  This was clearly an attempt to paint McCain as a weakling who had to step to THEIR tune, as well as giving themselves an out if things failed–“well, McCain was in favor of it too!”.  By stepping up to the plate and calling their bluff, McCain has clearly dictated the terms of the issue and has said, in effect, “bring it on”.  By taking this bold move, McCain is now setting the agenda, setting the conditions, and setting the timetable.  If this doesn’t look Presidential, I don’t know what does.  More importantly, it throws the blame for any inactivity back SQUARELY onto the do-nothing Congress, who are already roundly disliked nationwide.   This will raise McCain’s political stock significantly, but it will also raise the GOP stock across the board.

Third, this alters the headlines away from the “lead” that Barack Obama and his in-the-bag press surrogates are trying to claim he’s building.  I’m going to say this again, and repeat it until November 5–BARACK OBAMA IS LOSING THIS ELECTION–but the press is going to come out and say that he’s opening up a wide gap now and that McCain is finished, in the hopes that GOP spirits will be dashed and Republicans won’t come out to vote.  By making this move now, at the same time this “widening lead” chorus is entering the choir loft, attention is diverted toward McCain and puts him back in the spotlight.  The “widening lead” issue will be a minor story which will last for a couple of days, but will disappear as McCain and his surrogates build the case of President McCain and his Economic Strategy.  It’s an amazing political move, shrewdly executed, at exactly the right time.

Fourth, this throws the Obama camp into a message mess.  What exactly do they say now?  How do they spin this?  How does this affect Obama’s debate prep?  What do they prepare for?  When do they even get to debate?  Once again John McCain is putting the Obama camp on the defensive, making them answer rather than ask the questions.  This always throws Obama, who absolutely cannot think on his feet, and Biden, who absolutely can’t open his mouth without saying something colossally stupid, completely to the wind.  It’s going to be fun to watch as they struggle for footing again.

And lastly, it’s going to give McCain the opening he’s been wanting all along.  HERE’S WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN…the ENTIRE Obama nation is going to cry “coward” toward John McCain.  They’re going to claim McCain is afraid to debate Obama (which even those dolts should know is patently absurd), and EVEN OBAMA’S OWN PEOPLE are going to be screaming for the two candidates to square off.  Well, John McCain has been screaming for this himself for months, and Barack Obama has been denying him.  Now, with all sides clamoring for it, John McCain will call Obama out–and this time the whiney little loser will have no choice…he’ll have to accept.  Point McCain, who again gets to set the terms and have Barack Obama stepping to a tune John the Warrior is calling.  Remember, YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST…that is absolutely what is going to happen.

This is the shrewdest move any politician has ever tried, to my recollection.  It’s gutsy, calculated, good for the country and more importantly good for McCain.  There’s only one part of this that works against him, and that is that the American people will be disappointed there won’t be a “cage match” this Friday.  We’ve all been looking forward to it, and at first we’re going to be a little upset–BUT THAT UPSET WON’T LAST FOR LONG because you can be certain the McCain team has a debate planned.  It may even occur on Friday!  The thing is, it’s going to occur on John McCain’s terms, and there’s not a damned thing Barack Obama can do about it now.  BRILLIANT, absolutely brilliant.

If there were no news, how many newspapers do you suppose would sell each day?  If there was nothing with which to be interested, no scandals, no flaps, no gaffes or missteps, how much viewership would CNN or MSNBC have?  If foregone conclusions were actually foregone, how much attention would be paid to “60 Minutes” or “Meet the Press”?  If there was no drama, how much advertising do you suppose would be sold, and how much do you think they could get for it?

There is a foregone conclusion that, if you look closely enough and you know what you’re looking at, should be easy enough for even a novice to spot.  This conclusion is supported in other places than the public media (which I’ll get to in a moment) but you really don’t need to look any further than your local newspaper to know the truth of exactly what I’m about to tell you.  Here’s the secret…

Assuming all the players remain the same, Barack Obama cannot win in November.

This is not conjecture; it’s common sense and, more importantly, there is “private knowledge” that does not get released to the news media that supports this.  In Pennsylvania, for instance, John McCain is polling ahead of Barack Obama in counties that have essentially never been competitive for Republicans even during the Reagan years.  This news comes from what is known as “internal polls”.  You’ll never get to see those unless you’re close to the campaign or you’re pretty intimate with party big-wigs (which, as it happens, I am).  The polls you DO get to see are as much about showmanship as anything; Scott Rasumussen gets paid a hefty sum for his polls, to be sure, but he’s paid quite a bit for his appearances on television too.  If there was no “news”, if there was no “competition”, how much work do you suppose he’d get?

I’m not saying there is no truth to what you see reported on–there is some.  However, it is exceedingly obvious, particularly in this campaign, that the press has an agenda that they are pushing that includes getting Barack Obama elected at all costs.  Part of the reason for this is their declining revenues and circulation numbers–and the biggest reason those numbers are declining is because America has become aware and grown tired of their incredible bias in favor of the Left.  Much of America now turns to conservative talk radio for a bit of balance (Rush Limbaugh has far more influence on America than the New York Times, L. A. Times and Washington Post combined) and to Fox News for something resembling “fair and balanced”.  You’ll notice that Fox News is watched significantly more than CNN and MSNBC–again, why do you think that is?  The left-leaning press has only one shot of taking those competitors out and returning to their monopoly on the news–it’s called the “fairness doctrine” (a misnomer if ever there was one) which is a law designed to require conservative talk radio stations to air liberal views.  That piece of legislation will not see the light of day unless a Liberal is elected President, and he’s given a Liberal congress to work with, which is one of the reasons the press is so in-the-bag for Barack Obama.

Now let me get back around to the reason for this post.  It’s fairly well known in “private” circles that Barack Obama can’t win in November unless some major radical move is made.  For obvious reasons this is not reported in public BUT, if you look closely enough, you can see it for yourself.  Here’s what you need to look for–editorials that make excuses for Obama’s loss, or that “prepare” you for it.  My favorite of these is the “if Obama loses it will be because of his race”–have you seen any of those around lately?  While his race is certainly a major factor in this contest (and it will definitely cost him severely), it really doesn’t matter whether it’s race, women or lipstick on a pig…if you see the press giving excuses for why he “might” lose, HE HAS LOST.  Remember, this was an election that the Republicans couldn’t possibly win.  Democrats were supposed to elect a President and significantly increase their presence in both houses of Congress.  Have you seen any excuses for the congressional swing yet?  You will.  Remember, when you’re digesting all of this and thinking it through…exactly how many articles would you read by ANYONE, liberal or conservative, if this race was not a race?  The media, the pundits and the pollsters all have a vested interest in maintaining the appearance of a questionable outcome.  Trust me–this race is not even half as compeititive as they would have you believe.

There are two major reasons why Obama can’t win as things stand now.  The first, it has been and will continue to be correctly pointed out, is that he’s Black.  I’ll be blasted as a racist for stating the truth, but truth it is and there’s no getting around it.  I work alongside lifelong Democrats who have never voted for a Republican in their lives; they are not only voting McCain, but they’re helping with the campaign!  Privately a plurality of them tell me that race is the reason.  Simple fact, simple truth, AND I LIVE IN AN EXCEEDINGLY LIBERAL AND “ENLIGHTENED” AREA.  If this is the sentiment here, what is it like in Alabama?

The second reason Obama can’t win is he will not get the Women’s vote.  Younger, more easily duped women perhaps–but the majority (and believe me, it’s a VAST majority) will be voting McCain this year.  Again, polling numbers (both public and private) support this.  Without the female vote in this country, no candidate has much of a chance.  Given the huge numbers of women moving away from Obama, he would be done for no matter what his color.  The Democrats cost themselves the White House when they made Barack Obama their candidate; Barack Obama removed any chance he had WHATSOEVER when he failed to tap Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

Which brings me to the last thing I should mention–the only chance Obama DOES have (and that window is closing rapidly).  If the Obama campaign drops Joe Biden (it will be some mysterious “illness” or somesuch) and brings Hillary on for VP, he could possibly turn things around.  I don’t think it will be enough, personally, but he’ll get back a lot of the vote in places like Pennsylvania.  ADDING HILLARY CLINTON TO THE TICKET IS THE ONLY CHANCE OF WINNING THAT BARACK OBAMA HAS.  If he waits much more than another week or two, even that chance is gone.  I say he has until the second debate, tops.

This is where the public polls are so powerful.  Frankly, the only people who follow those things at this stage of the game are the true “political junkies”…folks like me who wake out of a dead sleep to visions of RCP and Politico articles and blog posts.  AS LONG AS THOSE PUBLIC POLLS ARE RUNNING IN FAVOR OF OBAMA, THERE WON’T BE A CRY FROM THE JUNKIE-PUBLIC TO EXCOMMUNICATE BIDEN AND ADD HILLARY…and as long as that call is not made, Obama can’t really do that.  So long as Barry is up in the polls, he’s all but stuck with his choice…which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that McCain STAY BEHIND in the public polls.  I wake up every day PRAYING to see that Obama is up by 2-5 points.  That makes my morning.

So long as he is, I’ll be celebrating a McCain victory in November.

Now, to the matter of exactly why electing Barack Obama would be about the stupidest thing any American could even contemplate. There are a hundred different reasons this would be colossaly moronic; I’m going to stick with three.

Let’s talk economy. No…on second thought, let’s don’t. Let’s talk PHILOSOPHY. Let’s talk about America, and what has made us the greatest nation to ever grace the planet. Let’s talk about the basic principles that define us as a nation and a people. Let’s talk about how almost everything Barack Obama stands for runs diametrically counter to those principles.

Let me say something first–and I want you to pause for as long as you need to absorb this. DO NOT LEAVE THIS NEXT SENTENCE UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS REALITY FIXED FIRMLY IN YOUR HEAD.

At no point in human history has there been a more successful model of civilization and advancement than the America envisioned by our founding fathers and carried out successfully for the past two hundred plus years. NEVER IN HUMAN HISTORY…THE ENTIRETY OF MANKIND’S TIME ON THIS PLANET…has there been a more successful model of HUMAN ADVANCEMENT than the America created and put into motion by our founding fathers more than two hundred years ago.

There may be some from the far whacko left-wing who would try to debate this. Besides being completely full of horse manure, and having spent FAR too many years with their noses buried in books of little import, these nutjobs are invariably also PUSHING AN AGENDA. That agenda is an idealism-driven concept of a “perfect society” that is a pipedream of grandest proportions.

Your sixteen-year-old comes to you and says “I want to be a Rock Star, and look–I can play the piano!” and then tinkers out Mary Had a Little Lamb on the keyboard. Ask yourself truthfully, what is your GUT REACTION going to be…and then ask yourself how you would handle this situation with your child.

This is the VERY NATURE of the leftist-socialist pipe dream. The society they envision is BEYOND a stretch, and the pursuit of it is a ridiculous waste of time. What’s more, chasing after this faulty objective undermines what could be a legitimate pursuit of their core desires for equality and lasting peace in society. Why? Because it’s time that could be better utilized working toward attainable goals instead of moronic ones.

Let’s spend a paragraph coming to an understanding of why no socialist model will ever work. Now again, there will be a thousand “progressives” out there who want to debate what I’m about to say. I am telling you right now there is no need for debate–this is the reality of the matter and it is beyond question.

Here’s what has to happen before any of these whacky socialist ideas could ever work:

We all must be born of the same gender.
We all must be born of the same race.
We all must be born of the same height, weight and physical characteristics.
There must be no religion, or the religion that does exist must be practiced unquestionably by all members of the society without exception.
There must be no ownership of anything, by anyone.
There must be no borders, no walls, no structure of any kind.
There must be no husbands or wives, and children will belong to the “society”.
Everyone must agree on everything, always.

This is a partial list, and remember–for ANY socialist society to work in any meaningful way, ALL of these things must be true. Naturally, not ONE of these things is now, has ever been, or will ever be true. Ergo, SOCIALISM CAN NEVER WORK.

Those silly zealots who try to point to countries that have adopted some socialistic principles always fail to mention that firstly, those socialist add-ons are just a small part of a greater picture that invariably embraces the American model to a much greater degree, and secondly, that the very programs they want to hold up as examples of “progress” are all–ALL–miserably failing; and they’re dragging down the rest of the otherwise-useful government that mistakenly put them in place to begin with.

So what exactly characterizes socialism? I wish I could stop with the short answer to this, which is simply “it’s communism dressed in a pretty package” or, put another way, “you can put lipstick on communism, but it’s still communism”. That’s the reality. Unfortunately there will (again) be liberal whack-jobs who want to debate the subtle, semantic differences between the two. THE GOVERNING PRINCIPLES BEHIND BOTH ARE THE SAME–that is, that society must be somehow “equal”, that wealth must be (artificially) redistributed, that nobody can own anything, and that there will, consequently, be no “classes” of people.

Utter hogwash. It would be amusing if there weren’t actually people out there pushing this agenda, ONE OF WHOM IS BARACK OBAMA.

Explain to me what is equal between one person who works all day long and another who collects a welfare check once per month? Explain to me what is equal between one person who graduates high school, goes to college, works full-time while pursuing his or her degree, gets a job with with a great deal of responsibility (and money) versus someone who chooses to flip hamburgers at “minimum wage”?

The liberals will tell you this disparity exists because the hamburger-flipper wasn’t afforded the same opportunities as the hard worker. They’ll say “you can’t look down your nose at someone who flips hamburgers–that’s hard work!”. They’ll tell you that because the hamburger-flipper’s mother was a crack addict, that he was somehow prevented from making more of himself. I’ll tell you that the bastard can’t even put a round hamburger on a round bun, and he wants MY TAX DOLLARS to give him a higher education?

I’m coming off the point a bit, but this is one debate within humanity that makes my blood boil more than any other. Let me just say that any real American–ANY TRUE AMERICAN–understands and believes that we are all born equal, AND FROM THERE WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE. I don’t need to be lectured about hamburger-flipping…I’ve flipped patties. I don’t need to be told about hard work–I’ve been a farm hand (and work doesn’t GET any harder than that). I also don’t need to be told about being or getting rich. I GREW UP POOR, at least by American standards, AND I’M FAR FROM RICH NOW. But the most important thing to know about me is that I AM EXACTLY WHERE THE CHOICES I’VE MADE HAVE TAKEN ME. I decided against college and so I have no degree and I don’t get taken seriously for many jobs. I chose not to join the military (back in my more ‘liberal-thinking’ days) and so I have no service to my nation to which I may point with pride. I chose to spend ten years “slacking” following my graduation from high school (which I chose, fortunately, to do) and so I’m a decade behind in achieving what I could have achieved. IT’S NOBODY ELSE’S FAULT THAT I HAVE NOT MADE MORE OF MY LIFE, and it’s nobody else’s responsibility to see to it that I do. I don’t deserve anyone else’s money because I’ve done nothing to earn it. I don’t believe in taking from those who have created, worked hard, and EARNED because I chose to pursue a less productive path. Robin Hood could just as easily be named “Robbing Hood” because taking from the rich to give to the poor is NOT noble or righteous. It’s also not NECESSARY, and THAT is the real beauty of the American Dream. ANYONE WHO SO CHOOSES can achieve heights unimagined by societies past. Americans are bound only by their own personal choices–nothing more.

Barack Obama, the Democrat nominee for President, doesn’t believe this. He (and most of his ilk) are of the opinion that wealth should be not a reward, but a right. He believes that it’s only fair to take from those who have earned, and redistribute that wealth to those who have not. He believes that it is George Bush’s fault that someone in Detroit is out of work (whereas I believe that someone who is out of work in a nation that offers employment to NINETY FOUR PERCENT OF IT’S POPULATION is someone who just wants to be out of work). Barack Obama believes that government exists to take ownership of everything, and through the power of it’s beauracracy to redistribute those assets to everyone regardless of their contribution to the creation and gaining of that wealth. THIS IS THE HEART OF SOCIALISM (look it up), and it’s WRONG.

Let’s talk Obama TAX CUTS. Barry Obama says he’ll provide tax cuts for 95% of the population. This magnanimous gesture would be absolutely wonderful if he could pull off the mathematical wizardry it would require, since at least 40% of the American populace pays no taxes to begin with! What Obama REALLY wants to do is take more money from those who are earning it–THOSE WHO CREATE WEALTH, CREATE JOBS, CREATE TRUE PROGRESS, AND CREATE PROSPERITY–and give it to those who do not. He wants to pass the largest tax INCREASES in history, but only on those who earn (go figure) and pass the money down to those who do NOT earn. He calls that a “tax cut”. I call it ADDITIONAL WELFARE in a nation already plagued by an increasingly unfair welfare class.

Oh, but what about those nasty, evil oil companies? Shouldn’t they have to pay more tax on their “obscene” profits?

Let me ask you a question. You have a small business; you sell widgets. Now you have a line of people a mile long who are craving your widgets so much that they’re willing to pay $4 per widget. Can you tell me truthfully that you, out of the goodness of your heart, are going to charge just $1 per widget? Of course you’re not.

Now, let’s say that it costs you only fifty cents to produce a widget, and so you’re making an “obscene” profit on your widgets. Is it fair that you should have to pay MORE in taxes than someone who is selling, say, whoozits but only turns a tiny profit-per-whoozit? Your widgets are in demand, their whoozits are not. Is this fair? Is it right? Is it the American way?

Let’s say the government succeeds in taking those excessive taxes out of your profits. Wouldn’t it be fair to assume that now, rather than expand your widget business, building new widget distributorships, creating techologically advanced widgets for the competitive widget-building industry, CREATING JOBS in the widget manufacturing sector–wouldn’t it be fair to say that you’ll either have to curtail those endeavors or find less-expensive ways of achieving those goals by, for instance, FINDING WORKERS WHO WILL WORK FOR PENNIES PER DAY IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY rather than paying good wages to American workers? Or you could maybe raise the price of your widgets even more, so that now the American workers who are losing jobs because those same tax increases on other businesses have affected their lives have to pay even MORE for widgets. Oh, Barack Obama and his cohorts in congress have an answer for that, too…THEY’LL JUST RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE, so now you, Mr. Widgetmaker, have to pay even MORE wages to American workers (that manufacturing plant in China is looking more and more appealing, isn’t it?). So you lay off even MORE workers, and the communist bastards, rather than address the REAL PROBLEM (their moronic policies) want to come in and REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES ALL OVER AGAIN, in the name of “progress”! Tell me, isn’t this the biggest joke you’ve ever heard?

Socialism does not work. It never has, and as long as human beings are human beings it never will. America was founded on a principle that says, among other things, that all men are CREATED equal and are endowed with certain LIBERTIES (having the government tell you what you can make, when you can make it, how much you can charge for it, and how much of the money you earn you can actually keep–this is NOT LIBERTY). Note that the message of the founders was NOT that all men ARE equal. All men (and women) are most definitely NOT equal and again, never will be. As an American I believe that it is my right to be or do anything (within reason) that I wish to do. This includes being a billionaire or a bum, running a store or running for President. I can be just as educated as I want to be (and don’t believe for one second these fools who say that education can only be achieved by the priveleged–that in itself is a complete joke. There is a free public library in virtually every town in America…those who are not educated don’t care to be educated). I can be just as industrious as I want to be (it isn’t up to someone else to provide work for me–I live in America and I can find a million ways to make money if I don’t want a “job; and face it, those who don’t have jobs just don’t want them). POOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA ARE POOR BY CHOICE. That sounds harsh, I know, but reality is reality. The only exceptions to that reality are those who suffer–TRULY suffer–from a disability that just cannot be overcome, AND THERE ARE PRECIOUS FEW OF THESE IN THE WORLD TODAY. My mother is a victim of Multiple Sclerosis, yet she makes her way every day. Still, I have no problem with a society that wants to help those who are truly at the mercy of disease and deformity; those are “socialistic” roles I can comfortably trust to my government. But you know what? As soon as you give even that much, these people will start saying that DRUG ADDICTS SUFFER FROM A DISEASE! Please.

It is PATENTLY wrong to take from those who have earned to give to those who have not. This is the Barack Obama economics plan, and it stinks. Obama wants YOU to support the “poor” people of Chicago (who, to be truthful, wouldn’t know poor if it bit them in the ass–there are mothers in this world watching their children starving to death in their arms, children in this world who are seeing their parents STONED TO DEATH, and are then having their hands cut off because they won’t stop crying, and unlike in America there is NOBODY to whom these people can turn). Obama wants to take money from those who have created wealth (and jobs, and opportunity, and prosperity) and give it to those who have not. He wants YOU to pay for someone else’s education, someone else’s housing, someone else’s food, electricity, medical care. And if you are one of those who fall into the class who would receive these “benefits”? Then firstly, you should be ashamed to accept them, and secondly, MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. Don’t tell me about the job you’ve lost and how you can’t get another one. Don’t tell me that you are too old to re-educate yourself, or that you’re “losing everything”. I WAS HOMELESS THREE YEARS AGO, with a pregnant wife and a borrowed truck and a hundred dollars in my pocket. Don’t even begin to tell me what can and can’t be done in this country–I’ve been as down as one can be, and I’ve turned it around. There’s no reason you can’t, too.

All of that said, I have no problem with programs that TEMPORARILY assist people who are down and out. I’ve taken advantage of those very programs myself. But there must be LIMITS as to what these programs provide, and there must be limits as to how long anyone can take advantage of them. I was DESTITUTE three years ago, and today I have more than I’ve ever had in my life. Six months of government assistance was the bridge between falling and climbing for me. But MILLIONS in this country live on government handouts EVERY DAY, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR. They do that on the backs of American taxpayers, because people like Barack Obama perpetuate their class while talking of “tax cuts”. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

More to come.

This is the first in a series of posts that will be rather longish and in-depth. You should prepare yourself for this before reading, especially if you have the attention span of your average video gamer or television watcher. Nothing is going to explode, you can’t “level up”, there won’t be any extreme makeovers and nobody is going to be voted off of this island. Well, if they leave a truly inane comment someone might, but that will be after the post is completed so it doesn’t count.

The purpose of this post is to lay out, as succinctly as I can, my objection to Barack Obama and the far-left agenda. I’m going to try to avoid the usual “talking points”, although they’re generally valid. Instead I’m going to attempt to delve a little deeper into the realities of the persons and issues involved in this campaign and avoid the silliness and distractions. These are well and good, in the proper time, but this discussion is aimed at being a bit more serious.

Let me begin by giving you my “qualifieds”. Here’s what I’m not…I’m not a politician, a pundit, a newsman (though I once was), or a party hack. I’m not rich, and I’m not poor. I’ve not served in the military, though I spend seven days per week working for a Veteran’s organization. I am not a college graduate.

Here’s what I am…I’m a husband and father, a business owner, an otherwise-ordinary man, an American patriot. I have a great belief in the promise of America as it was outlined by our founding fathers and a great belief in the benefits AND RESPONSIBILITIES of Liberty. I believe in the free market and in small government that concentrates on providing basic infrastructure and ensures protection from our enemies but otherwise stays out of our lives–and out of our way.

When I say that I’m an “otherwise ordinary” man, it’s because I do have one extraordinary trait that is, at times like these, both a blessing and a curse. I’m referring to hyper-intelligence.

I point this out because it goes to the root of this whole blog. Any idiot with a computer and a couple of typing classes can put his opinion online these days, and almost any idiot can pick up on it and start quoting it like gospel (just ask the mainstream media or, more specifically Keith Olbermann–a bigger idiot you will be hard-pressed to find). There is so much crap out there, especially the pseudo-intellectual bullshit that flows from the left, that it can be difficult to distinquish between what SHOULD be read and believed and what should be left to suffer the death of isolation. For every blog out there that makes sense and offers something relevant to the conversation, there are a thousand that are nothing more than distractions at best.

So why is my opinion different than most? Well to be frank, it’s because I think more clearly and more directly than the vast majority of people. Allow me to illustrate.

My last officially measured Intelligence Quotient came in at 152. There are many factors that come into play before that number really means anything, and I’m not going to go into such detail for these purposes. Instead I’ll put this into perspective. Consider this example; if you gather 100 people into a room, and you choose the smartest two out of those 100, those two people score in the “98th percentile”, or the top two percent.

I score in the top two percent OF THAT TOP TWO PERCENT. In other words, if you put 100 of these exceptional people into another room, I would be one of the smartest two of THOSE. In comparitive terms, the physicist Stephen Hawking is believed to also have an IQ of 152.

Now simple IQ alone is not much of a measure of anything. There are differing talents that must accompany that for it to be worth much. I am not a “deep thinker”, for instance. That is to say that I don’t spend hours pondering the meaning of this particular thing, or studying the writings of a thousand scholars who came before. That type of intelligence belongs to people such as Barack Obama, whose IQ score is estimated to be somewhere in the range of 130-148. I’m also not a “whiz” with numbers; I don’t “compute” like a calculator. On the other hand I can add a column of numbers in my head faster than most people can do it on a calculator, so in that respect I have some “computational” ability. I have no great love for “deep thinkers”; I believe they are either incapable of drawing correct conclusions (and have to have to weigh so many opinions in hopes of findng one), or they’re incapable of making decisions based upon the information at hand, or they’re just wasters of time, or some combination of all of these. I also dislike them because invariably they wear their deep-thinking “prowess” like some kind of crown when, in reality, most of them are simply ninnies. The VAST majority of college professors are just like this. Their pseudo-intellectual crap is detritus of the highest order; I know perfectly good auto mechanics whose wit, wisdom and overall mental abilities far exceed that of some of our “most respected, learned” individuals…yet these are the people who are “educating” our young people today.

As for my “special skills”, firstly I enjoy an exceptional ability to retain information. I don’t forget much of anything. I can still remember the phone number for the hospital where my grandfather once stayed for a day or so…more than thirty years ago. I remember not only the actors and actresses in movies, but often the composer, gaffer, key grip, and other bizarre factoids of little or no use. This talent is diminishing somewhat as I age, but it’s still pretty sharp. Next, I have an amazing ability to “dismantle” things in my head, and put them back together again (sometimes in their original form, and sometimes in different but equally useful forms). It’s a little hard to explain what that means, especially because in my case it manifests itself in many ways. One of those ways is in puzzles–I can look at a puzzle, fully assembled, and once it’s broken down I can reassemble it with surprising efficiency. If you’ve ever taken aptitude tests that require you to look at a picture of a fully-assembled box and then choose which “unfolded” box would build the assembled one–well, those challenges take me all of about a tenth of a second to complete. Those are PRACTICAL examples of this particular intellectual gift. A less-demonstrable but even MORE “practical” (by my estimation) use of this function is that I can “read between the lines” as well as anyone I’ve ever met. This is an extremely useful talent and it applies equally with the written word as it does with the spoken.

Without doubt, however, the most impressive mental attribute that I have is the ability to DRAW CORRECT CONCLUSIONS. I refer to this as “big picture” ability.

Most people have the ability to easily move, in their mind, from point “A” to point “B”. They can see “if I do this, this will happen”. If you touch a hot stove you’re going to burn your hand. If you spend all of your money on Friday night you’re going to be unable to pay your bills on Monday. Virtually everyone can make correct assumptions as to an outcome when only points A and B are in consideration. A few people even have the ability to go from A to C, D even E or F on occasion. Very few people, I have found, can move much beyond that. Example–if I go out tonight, I’ll spend money that is already allocated to bills; I won’t be able to pay my cable bill on Monday; they will shut my cable off; I won’t be able to list anything on eBay; I won’t sell anything; I won’t have money to go out with next week. That is about the extent of most people’s “linear” thinking ability. Moreover, many people can ONLY think in this kind of linear fashion. They are okay when it comes to drawing obvious parallels or making obvious leaps, but they can’t think laterally while thinking in linear fashion AT THE SAME TIME. Try and picture, if you will, a question that has ten possible answers, and each of those answers is in turn a question with ten possible answers, on down the line. Some people can work two or three spots deep DOWN LINE and be moderately successful. Now, picture those different answers being INTERCONNECTED WITH THE OTHERS. Almost nobody I’ve ever met can take a given scenario and play it out all the way down AND ACROSS to arrive at the correct conclusion. Almost nobody except me. This is my intellectual “gift”.

While I am thrilled to the core to be able to see things so clearly, it makes me crazy that other people cannot. Things that seem so completely logical and obvious to me are lost on the vast majority of others. This is frustrating enough, but then when I try to explain these things I either get blank stares or argument. This is INFURIATING. It is because of this that I so often say I don’t suffer fools well–and if you’ve read this this blog much you know this to be true! I’m a living embodiment of the expression “those of you who think you know it all are very aggravating to those of us who do.”

So, to summarize to this point…my special talent is the ability to see the big picture, faster and more clearly than most others, and to draw proper conclusions in a fluid manner–while using a keen eye for patterns and meanings that are often hidden below the surface.

Can you see where I’m going here?

Now, how does all of this apply to this election in general, and to Barack Obama in particular.

Well I’m going to save entry into that discussion until my next post, but I will say this–and I’m going to repeat it half a dozen times before this is all said and done–so pay attention to it. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION YOU AND I HAVE EVER FACED, AND COULD VERY WELL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION WE EVER WILL FACE. There really is that much on the line this go-’round.

More to come.

So what does that have to do with Barack Obama?

This says it all.



…and so I am going to make a stab at change as well–at least temporarily.

This blog has been picking up an increasing viewership in the last few days and, while I feel that some of those who come here are doing so because my acerbic style appeals to them, I nevertheless feel that on occasion one must step back from synicism and sarcasm and remember, if only for a moment, that there’s an important task at hand. The fact is I use humor, slashing arrogance and a biting tongue because it’s fun and I’m good at it. The risk with this approach is that occasionally the message gets lost in the shuffle.

Now I’m not going to change everything about who I am, and I’m certain Barack Obama or someone else of his slant is going to say or do something stupid that is going to force me once again into bitch-slap mode (SEXISM ALERT!), but for the next post, which is forthcoming, I’m going to try to sheath my talons and work within a kinder, gentler framework. I’m going to call for a change from the candidates (and given my gravitas, I’m certain they are going to fall right into line!) and I’m going to explain, to some degree, why I feel the way I do about the candidates and this race. I’m also going to outline why I believe you must–MUST–vote correctly this year, moreso than in any other year since I’ve been involved in politics (28 years, to be exact).

Stay tuned.