Here’s the side of Barack Obama that “political junkies” are well aware of, but the general American public may not be. Once again the Obama campaign has encouraged it’s supporters (already a collection of rabid militant rabble-rousers) to jam the phone lines of CHICAGO radio station WGN for airing an interview with a writer who is less-than-sympathetic toward Obama. The Obama campaign has frankly “encited” the crowd to undermine free speech in these heinous activities, which include keeping the station’s lines tied up so that callers interested in the program do not have an opportunity to get through with their questions. It appears the campaign also aimed to create an overload in the station’s email boxes, presumeably to disrupt regular communications (in effect, “bombing” the station’s email so other messages would be lost in the shuffle).

Ya’ know how the liberal media and the left-wing whack-jobs tried to spread the false message that Sarah Palin had banned books when she was mayor of Wasilla? Here we have the Obama campaign ACTIVELY pursuing a policy of deliberately undermining the discourse of ideas–yet there’s no public outcry in the mainstream media. Is anyone shocked by this? I’m certainly not.

These are ACORN tactics; not surprising considering the company Obama keeps. Here’s just another example of this very anti-American individual and his campaign attempting to destroy our American principles and heritage. Despicable, once again–but not at all surprising.