Here’s my response to the despicable blatherings of Richard Cohen who is trying to reach a new low (what, exactly, is lower than the position that Cohen regularly occupies?  Whale shit?  Magma?) by calling John McCain a traitor.  This contemptible bastard needs to be sanctioned by his editors and the only way something like that can happen is if enough people contact the Washington Post and make their complaints heard.


Here’s my response:

“Cohen, you’re a stooge and you, personally, are far more “liar” than John McCain could ever be. You know there is no “untruth” about what was run in those advertisements. Just because you don’t like the truth of them, or you don’t like that the truth of those ads masks whatever “good” might be part and parcel of the content, doesn’t make them untrue and you know it.

The world knows you’re a leftist blowhard, but you’re beginning to enter dangerous ground. When you characterize one of the few remaining genuine American heroes as “treasonous” you yourself are a traitor in the eyes of many of us–you know, the hometown Americans who actually still give a damn about this country. That you’ve “given up on the military” is no surprise, ignoring the fact that the men and women in uniform are the ones who have bought the very freedom you flaunt and abuse, and the ones who secure for you that freedom on a daily basis. Using the freedoms OTHERS HAVE PURCHASED FOR YOU as a pulpit from which to call one of them treasonous is, I would have thought, beneath even you (and getting “beneath you” is pretty bloody difficult). Whereas, though, I once looked at you with disdain, I am now seething with contempt. Rest assured that the more you play so loosely with words like “treason”, the more your stock is going to fall among TRUE Americans, to the point you may find yourself judged by your very own verbage.

You are despicable, and your supporters no better. YOU are the traitor, Richard Cohen–you and those who would follow you.”