Laughable columnist E. J. Dionne offers this preposterous notion regarding John McCain and the Freddie/Fannie situation:


Here was my response to the article:

“More tripe from the in-the-bag Washington Post. E. J. Dionne wants to spout that a “little more regulation” could have averted this mess, without bothering to mention that it was precisely a “little more regulation” that got us IN this mess in the first place. Had the policies of Bill Clinton (you know, that DEMOCRAT who somehow gets credit for a good economy when, in fact, his thinly-disguised Carteresque policies are only just now coming to the fore) not REQUIRED Freddie and Fannie to issue a certain percentage of loans to exceedingly sub-prime consumers in “underserved” neighborhoods, the “crisis” we’re now witness to would be no crisis at all.

Further, Dionne posits that when things go awry in the market it is “always the federal government that has to step in”.


It is always the federal government that CHOOSES to step in, because minding other people’s business is what Washington DOES–and it certainly shouldn’t. Frankly, if government were run correctly–that is to say, exactly the OPPOSITE of how Dionne and other Liberals would do it–these overblown agencies would, firstly, not exist (certainly not in their current overburdened form) and secondly, would be allowed to fail JUST LIKE ANY OTHER POORLY-RUN BUSINESS. And when consumers who signed contracts on property they could not pay for suddenly can’t pay, they too can go belly-up FOR THEIR OWN POOR DECISIONS. It is the government’s responsibility to protect us from forces outside of our control, NOT FROM OUR OWN MISTAKES.

Dionne is also disingeniuous in that this blather doesn’t point out who has most gained from Freddie and Fannie. BARACK OBAMA is the second-most financial beneficiary of the mismanagement of Freddie/Fannie among all congressmen. Somehow that fact eludes all these liberal writers who want to lay the blame for any ill on those who actually work and earn money. The liberal “elite” in this nation want to claim they are the representatives of the hard working American, when in reality they just wish to ROB the hard-working so that they can give to those who do nothing at all. This article is just more claptrap from a liberal establishment hell-bent on pushing Socialism down the throats of an American populace they hope will be too lazy to dig into the issues and find the REAL culprits.

Lastly, the hypocricy of Dionne is staggering. Obama’s camp cries foul over advertisements which are absolutely true, and Dionne joins the chorus. Who is distracting from the real issues? Obama has been propped up as a celebrity from day one, yet the Dems cry foul when McCain calls attention to his status. Obama has yet to be vetted in any meaningful way, yet the Dems and their in-the-bag buddies in the Liberal media complain when they feel McCain’s VICE Presidential nominee wasn’t examined closely enough. THEN they do everything in their power to dig up (or make up) stories about Sarah Palin in an attempt to discredit her (you know, things like the book-banning issue which NEVER HAPPENED), and then they complain that McCain and Company are trying to “distract” the voters when they call Obama and his cronies on the carpet for their lack of character and responsibility. It would be laughable except that these people might actually influence voters with their duplicitious messages. THAT would be criminal.

If Barack Obama is so interested in issues, HE SHOULD ACCEPT MCCAIN’S MANY OFFERS TO DEBATE one-on-one, with the American people sitting in judgement. He cannot do this because, like E. J. Dionne’s article, there is nothing of substance and too little reality with regard to anything he has to offer.”