If you’re just not sure how much trouble the Obama campaign is in, a few minutes’ listen to the opening of the Rush Limbaugh show this afternoon should help you guage that quite well.  During the introductory part of the episode, Limbaugh was utterly unable to contain himself…not with rage, not with acrimony or sanctimony, but with pure, unadulterated GLEE.  At the risk of making a sexist comment, he was literally giggling like a schoolgirl for a period that must have lasted ten or fifteen minutes.

Now Limbaugh is generally rather effusive anyway, but anyone who has been around people much (as I have) or who has been a radio air personality (as I have) can recognize right-off whether or not someone’s enthusiasm is real or fabricated.  I assure you Mr. Limbaugh was simply beside himself with joy, every bit of it emanating from that place deep inside that we only get to access on very rare occasions.  He was positively overjoyed with how poorly Barack Obama and Joe Biden have played their hand since the Limbaugh show went off the air yesterday.  Like me, Rush Limbaugh recognizes that Obama delivered a fatal blow to his campaign yesterday.  The end has been pretty clearly in sight for a few days now, but Obama passed out field glasses with his “Lipstick on a Pig” comment.

Now today, Obama comes out defiant and belligerent instead of somewhat apologetic.  Supporters of the Democrat nominee might take some comfort in this new stance; those of us with a brain see it for what it is.  This is a last-ditch effort to force the ship back onto it’s preferred course, and to begin defining the “rules” of the contest again.

What Barry doesn’t understand is that the rules have already been written, and he’s broken them without pause.  Not only has he trampled on the obvious ones, he’s defiled the unwritten rules as well.  By showing not the slightest bit of remorse, he’s basically telling the women’s vote that he doesn’t need it.  He may as well have said “Piss Off, Ladies”.  The effect would be just the same.

If you haven’t been offended by Obama’s callous disregard for women, and you haven’t been shocked by his incredible lack of wisdom and judgement, and you haven’t been nauseated by his pedantic dismissal of small-town Americans and the values we hold so dear–well, you’d vote for Vladimir Putin if he was running on the non-Republican ticket this year.  If, on the other hand, you actually HAVE an inkling of common sense and respect for yourself (and the great nation we live in), you’ll reject this guy outright and you’ll do it in dramatic fashion.  The Democrats need to be sent a clear message–DON’T GIVE US AN AMATEUR.  Don’t nominate a guy who is barely ready to run a traffic school.  Nominate someone with some gravitas, for Heaven’s sake.

Y’all remember that Clinton lady you had in your party awhile back?  She might have been someone to think about.  You probably should look into that sometime.

(Hey, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but I’d vote for her in a HEARTBEAT over this hack any day of the week.)


The shockwaves over the “Lipstick on a Pig” comment uttered by Barack Obama, here…


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…are only just now beginning.  I assure you this is just the very tip of an iceberg that I strongly suspect will completely dismantle the already-fragile Obama campaign.  Well it should.

I want to address some of the defenses that Obama apologists are going to mount for this callous, idiotic statement uttered with purpose by Mr. Obama himself.  The main one of these is going to be “he’s just using a common phrase”.  This much is true–the whole “lipstick on a pig” line is as old as, well, lipstick.  That isn’t the point.  There’s another phrase that has been around almost as long as recorded history, but in THIS race, at THIS time, it would be inappropriate to use the expression “call a spade a spade”.  If John McCain uttered this phrase in any manner addressing Barack Obama, he would be absolutely crucified–as he should be!

You see, this issue goes as much to JUDGEMENT as it goes to any other thing.  Intent is immaterial at this point, although I believe Barack Obama had some intent in his use of the phrase.  Still, it doesn’t matter.  It’s a question of pure STUPIDITY.  Sarah Palin owns “lipstick” at this point, and any attempt to co-opt it will automatically be interpreted BY ANYONE WITH A BRAIN as directed toward her.  In that context, in this race, with female voters paying such close attention to the proceedings and a high-profile woman as one of your opponents, saying something as moronic as this just points to a colossal lack of judgement.  Nobody who actually expects to win this race would purposely use this phrase, unless he’s just out to lunch.

Frankly, that’s exactly what has happened with Barack Obama.  He’s just lost it.  He’s fallen behind in a race he was supposed to win without breaking a sweat.  He’s been overtaken by a strong woman out of nowhere who has stripped his mantle of “star” from him and adopted it herself.  He hasn’t even been able to hold onto his own message of “change”.  He’s suddenly found himself losing ground, losing the support of people who were supposed to be firmly in his camp, and he doesn’t have a clue how or why this has happened.  More importantly, he doesn’t have a clue how to respond to it.  This is why we have this suicidal mistake of a phrase coming from his own mouth this afternoon.

Now let’s discuss the intent of the comment.  While I don’t personally believe he was trying to call Palin a pig, he was absolutely, positively leaving it out on the table, WITH INTENT.  While he may not have OVERTLY been insulting her with the “fish wrapped in paper” phrase, he was positively aware of the connotation that such a phrase carries and was leaving out, again, WITH INTENT.  These are not gaffes, or even oversights.  He did what he did with the intention of having something made of it.  It’s possible these were just intended as laugh lines.  It’s possible they were intended as subtle digs that he could (try to) step away from if they backfired.  No matter what they were, though, they were INTENDED TO CREATE SOMETHING, and as such they demonstrate HORRIBLE JUDGEMENT.  He has either overlooked the backlash (is he really that stupid?), or underestimated the force with which it would envelope him, or he just decided to roll the dice and see if the positives (extra press) would outweigh the negatives (extra BAD press).  Either way, for whatever reasons, he made a terrible, terrible choice.  His campaign will now be made to pay for it.

Of course they are going to come out right away and say that John McCain has used the same expression.  So have I, and so have you–but NOT IN A RACE AGAINST A WOMAN, especially not a woman who has made “lipstick” her trademark.  John McCain most certainly used the comment in reference to a Hillary Clinton bill–but the timing, the situation and the players were all different.  Barack Obama used this phrase intentionally, directing it toward Sarah Palin, while underestimating or ignoring the backlash of his ridiculous mistake.  It’s tasteless and it’s poor judgement and it should bury his campaign forever.

I truly think Barack Obama has completely sacrificed any chance he has of ever reaching the White House.  I will say this much…any self-respecting woman who would vote for this guy now needs to seriously seek professional help–and any self-respecting American who would vote for this guy, given his obvious lack of good judgement, needs to seriously seek a lobotomy.  Nobody in his or her right mind could actually WANT this kind of “leadership” in Washington–especially not in America’s highest office.


Dear John McCain,

I want you to know that I support you and Sarah Palin wholeheartedly.  In two short months you’re going to win the election, and any fool can see this is going to be a landslide.  It may be hard to believe, but this margin of victory is going to make me a bit unhappy.  I’d like to tell you why, and to give you a little warning from the trenches.

The problem with any victory of five or more points (and yours will be higher still) is that the newly-elected begin thinking they’ve got some kind of “mandate”.  They have a tendency to assume their new office as though their wide margin grants them some kind of extra power.  They take into their first days a feeling of invincibility and all too often they forget that they were sent to Washington with an “understanding”…that we, the electorate, expect them to do what they said they were going to do.

It’s far too common for us to just accept when our politicians don’t follow through on their promises.  We call that “politics as usual” and we’re so accustomed to it that we just shake our heads when nothing gets done.  You and Sarah are running on a promise to change all of that.  It will take strong leadership–the kind of which I am certain you’re capable.  It will take backbone–the kind of which I’m certain you possess.  It will take COMMON SENSE and a true “Country First” attitude.  I believe wholeheartedly that you carry both of these traits.  Please don’t let your time in Washington, at the highest levels of power, push them to the side.  I’m imploring you–DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

You and I both know that the majority of Democrats join that party because, while they share our base Republican ideals, the Dems tell a better “we are just like you” story.  You and I also both know that the only reason Barack Obama was even in this race is because Republicans, when given the chance to prove that we are better than (and different than) our tax-and-spend brethren across the aisle, utterly botched the job.  We are the party of FISCAL and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.  We understand that men and women must take charge of their own lives, must take responsibility for their own decisions, must accept both the credit and the blame for their own activities.  We understand that good ideas and hard work lead to success, and that those who achieve these pinnacles deserve to be respected, not robbed.  We believe that America offers the same opportunities to everyone, and everyone has the same chance to have a piece of the pie if they’re willing to put forth the effort to grow and thrive.  We are NOT the party of handouts, giveaways, or poor financial management.  We are NOT the party of waste.  We are not the party of regulation and intrusion into business, or people’s private lives.  We are the party that understands the need for limited government, and it is our responsibility as Republicans–and your responsibility as President–to do whatever is necessary to achieve that ultimate goal.

I know I don’t need to lecture you on what your job is, or how to go about doing it.  What I am cautioning, though, is that America has given the Republicans a second chance to prove that we can lead, and can make of government what it’s meant to be.  We have given YOU not a mandate, but an opportunity.  It’s up to you now to fulfill the promises you’ve made, to reform a broken system and dismantle a network of corruption, waste and mismanagement.  This is why we’ve pulled together to put you, a man of character and honor, in the White House.  I’m asking you to please keep your word, and don’t let us down.

I’d like to also point out exactly what is at stake here.  This election was nearly won by a junior Senator with absolutely no relevant experience who is so liberal as to be compared to some of the most heinous socialists in history.  Combined with his nearly-equal liberals in Congress, the election of Barack Obama could have easily spelled disaster on a massive scale for this nation.  Despite his nefarious associations, his pronounced lack of experience, his suspect judgement and his record as the most liberal and inexperienced person to have ever sought the office, BARACK OBAMA MADE A RACE OUT OF THIS for a time.  Many people believed he would actually win the election.  The mere thought that it could have happened scares the bejabbers out of me, and most Americans…as I’m sure it does you.  Understand, the only reason this was even possible is because America nearly lost faith in our party.  You have a huge responsibility now, but no small part of that is going to be restoring the integrity for which our party was once known.

You have a mandate, sir, but it is not to ride into Washington on a “more of the same” horse.  Your explicit direction from the American people is this–fix it.  Fix our government, fix our party, fix America.  It is up to you to make sure that no threat as grave as Barack Obama has any chance of ever being foisted upon America again.  You have the strength, the wisdom and the character to do this.  Please don’t let us down because next time there may not be a next time.




I’d start passing out some crying towels to the Libs and other Obama supporters, except that I enjoy their weeping so much I can’t bear to ruin the ride for myself.  I’m going to assist everyone in determining the result of last night’s stunning debut for Sarah Palin…and the fear that is now shuddering through Barack Obama’s campaign.  Here’s a little “how to read the lay of the land” primer.

First, you have to almost eliminate the lightweights entirely.  This includes all the blowhards who post COMMENTS on blog posts, news stories, etc.  They tend to puff up and spew, and ordinarily you can read something from their confidence.  In this case you can’t because the Obama camp is doing a pretty good job of keeping those rank-and-file mushrooms in the dark and on a steady diet of bullshit.  Those people still think they’re ahead, and that’s actually awesome.  The more of these morons who think their guy has this wrapped up, the fewer of them will bother to get up from their Playstation long enough to vote.  These are the true lightweights–of the “blogosphere” and life in general–and bothering with them is just a colossal waste of time and energy.

That leaves basically three groups whose temperatures you should probably take.  The first of these is the pseudo-professional blog community.  These are the folks who somehow get featured on websites like The Huffington Post and others; these people are the furthest thing from true professional journalists (and wouldn’t know what “professional” means because they have no morals or dignity, something the trade once demanded of it’s participants) but they pose as pros and are unfortunately sometimes treated that way.  Reading the lay of the land with these people is easy–if you see gaiety, cameraderie and primarily praise for their candidate, things are probably going pretty well for them.  It’s tough to discern the difference between this type of euphoria and wreckless overconfidence, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice.  Overconfidence is good–we had a lot of that a couple of days ago, and it’s a telling sign too–but it’s not the sign we’re seeing now.  Next, look for condescending arrogance.  If you’re not sure what that looks like, read my posts for the last few hours–that attitude is my trademark.  The difference between me (and most Conservatives) versus the Lib bloggers is that our condescension erupts from deep within, from an area of certainty–ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY–that we’re RIGHT.  This is a well from which Liberals can NEVER draw because even the biggest idiot in the bunch knows deep down that s/he’s completely full of shit.  Condescending arrogance from a liberal blogger (and some in the maintstream media, like Keith Olbermann) is a SURE sign of nervousness.  It’s a defense mechanism for the hopelessly lost where they turn to weak “intellectualism” or some other mask in order to hide their inherent inferiority.  When you see a “bring it on” attitude from one of these losers, you know your race is won.  The pseudo-professional blogosphere is chock full of Left-wing condescending arrogance today.

The next group is members of the professional media.  These people are also arrogant and treacherous, but they’re not ordinarily stupid–at least not completely.  This group will grudgingly admit when things have turned, and they’re NOTORIOUS turncoats who will blow with the winds of popularity almost as freely as Bill Clinton.  If the tide is truly turning, you’ll know it because these people will be wearing their change of heart like a badge of honor (instead of the mark of cowardice that it truly is).  If you see phrases like “I hate to say it, but…” or “I stand corrected” or “In a remarkable turnaround”, you know the professional media person in question has begun to bring the ship about.  This is the most dangerous thing a media-supported candidate can see–and Barack Obama has ships turning about all around him today.  Take a quick look across the internet right now and where you were seeing words like “lightweight” and “long-shot” and “hail mary” two days ago, you’re getting “natural” and “commodity” and “breath of fresh air” today.  “A star is born” is a common refrain today…but it would be just as accurate to say “a star has faded” with regard to Barack Obama–and given another day or two, that will be the next news cycle headline, mark my words.

The last group to keep an eye on is the candidate and his handlers themselves.  If you see a shift that isn’t subtle–either in message, in strategy, in activity, almost anywhere–you KNOW something really, REALLY bad has happened.  I want you to spend a few moments today examining Obama’s campaign rhetoric of yesterday (and this past weekend) with what is being offered up today and in the next few days.  See if you can spot any change in message, tone, activity that is obvious.  Subtle changes don’t really count, but apparent ones do.  When you spot the alterations–and you will–I would respectfully ask that you have a nice supply of crying towels available.  Remember that these poor deluded fools who call themselves Democrats are still Americans, after all, and they’re going to need our full support as fellow countrymen and women.  They’re going to need a hug.

Just not yet.  I want to revel in this a bit longer, k?

I must credit Larry Kudlow with this one, though he may not be the one who originated it.  Simply, he called Sarah Palin “Sarah America”.  Altogether appropriate and I will begin calling her that on every suitable occasion.  SARAH AMERICA and THE WAR HERO…what an amazing story this is.  I’m anxious for my three-year-old to be old enough to hear it someday soon.  She’ll know who the characters are–they’ll still be President and VP when she’s reached the necessary age–but I get the great pleasure of telling her how they came to be the Dynamic Duo!


A random comment (by a guy named “RabidDem”) on a random blog:

I donated $1,000,000 and all I got was this lousy candidate


And another random comment, on the same blog post (discussing Obama’s increase in campaign contributions following Palin’s speech):

That’s GREAT!  Not only will the Dems be angry when Obama loses, they’ll be broke too!


 Blogger Jonah Goldberg had this to say regarding Sarah Palin, following her masterful speech:

“[Palin] was put on this earth to do two things: kill caribou and kick butt. She’s all out of caribou.”


Sarah Palin just finished her speech at the Republican National Convention.

This will be the shortest blog post I will ever make, because there is just nothing else that needs to be said EXCEPT THIS…

Liberal bloggers, well known (notorious?) for their exceeding tackiness and vile antics, will be posting as fast as their widdle disgusting fingers can type.  It is PANIC in the lib camp and the crap they’re about to spew is the most telling sign of this.

In the days to come I will post again because evil never sleeps and it is up to good people to defend the righteous–to defend America–but for today nothing more need be said.  Sarah Palin said it all, and I will add only one small observation…

This election is over.  John McCain is our next President.  We know it.  The Libs know it.  It’s done.

If you just crawled out from under a rock beneath which you’d been residing TV-free and entirely away from media of any kind, it would take all of about five minutes to understand why only an idiot would even consider supporting Barack Obama.  If you have the most basic grasp of history and any sense whatsoever, you’d run as fast as you could toward ANY candidate running against this dangerous Socialist.

That’s my way of telling you that you don’t need any other reason to support John McCain–Barack Obama is reason enough on his own.

However, if you would like to bolster that decision with an amazing (and moving) propaganda piece issued by the McCain camp, I would suggest strongly that you look at this one:


It is slick, processed, Hollywood-esque and not without it’s slimy feeling (as any production of this type conjures in a cynic like me).  It’s also a dead-on indictment of Obama and endorsement of the CHARACTER of John McCain.  It points a blaring, glaring spotlight on the fundamental differences between these two men ON EVERY LEVEL.  This video does more than just say “John McCain is an American Hero and Barack Obama is anything but” (although it does that effectively, too).  The message here is that John McCain has, and does, live his own mantra–COUNTRY FIRST.  I’ll take a President like that any time.

Barack Obama?  You’ve GOT to be kidding me.  This video brings that very sentiment to life.  Watch it, and share it with others so that they, too, may know why McCain is the only choice this election cycle.