Now, to the matter of exactly why electing Barack Obama would be about the stupidest thing any American could even contemplate. There are a hundred different reasons this would be colossaly moronic; I’m going to stick with three.

Let’s talk economy. No…on second thought, let’s don’t. Let’s talk PHILOSOPHY. Let’s talk about America, and what has made us the greatest nation to ever grace the planet. Let’s talk about the basic principles that define us as a nation and a people. Let’s talk about how almost everything Barack Obama stands for runs diametrically counter to those principles.

Let me say something first–and I want you to pause for as long as you need to absorb this. DO NOT LEAVE THIS NEXT SENTENCE UNTIL YOU HAVE THIS REALITY FIXED FIRMLY IN YOUR HEAD.

At no point in human history has there been a more successful model of civilization and advancement than the America envisioned by our founding fathers and carried out successfully for the past two hundred plus years. NEVER IN HUMAN HISTORY…THE ENTIRETY OF MANKIND’S TIME ON THIS PLANET…has there been a more successful model of HUMAN ADVANCEMENT than the America created and put into motion by our founding fathers more than two hundred years ago.

There may be some from the far whacko left-wing who would try to debate this. Besides being completely full of horse manure, and having spent FAR too many years with their noses buried in books of little import, these nutjobs are invariably also PUSHING AN AGENDA. That agenda is an idealism-driven concept of a “perfect society” that is a pipedream of grandest proportions.

Your sixteen-year-old comes to you and says “I want to be a Rock Star, and look–I can play the piano!” and then tinkers out Mary Had a Little Lamb on the keyboard. Ask yourself truthfully, what is your GUT REACTION going to be…and then ask yourself how you would handle this situation with your child.

This is the VERY NATURE of the leftist-socialist pipe dream. The society they envision is BEYOND a stretch, and the pursuit of it is a ridiculous waste of time. What’s more, chasing after this faulty objective undermines what could be a legitimate pursuit of their core desires for equality and lasting peace in society. Why? Because it’s time that could be better utilized working toward attainable goals instead of moronic ones.

Let’s spend a paragraph coming to an understanding of why no socialist model will ever work. Now again, there will be a thousand “progressives” out there who want to debate what I’m about to say. I am telling you right now there is no need for debate–this is the reality of the matter and it is beyond question.

Here’s what has to happen before any of these whacky socialist ideas could ever work:

We all must be born of the same gender.
We all must be born of the same race.
We all must be born of the same height, weight and physical characteristics.
There must be no religion, or the religion that does exist must be practiced unquestionably by all members of the society without exception.
There must be no ownership of anything, by anyone.
There must be no borders, no walls, no structure of any kind.
There must be no husbands or wives, and children will belong to the “society”.
Everyone must agree on everything, always.

This is a partial list, and remember–for ANY socialist society to work in any meaningful way, ALL of these things must be true. Naturally, not ONE of these things is now, has ever been, or will ever be true. Ergo, SOCIALISM CAN NEVER WORK.

Those silly zealots who try to point to countries that have adopted some socialistic principles always fail to mention that firstly, those socialist add-ons are just a small part of a greater picture that invariably embraces the American model to a much greater degree, and secondly, that the very programs they want to hold up as examples of “progress” are all–ALL–miserably failing; and they’re dragging down the rest of the otherwise-useful government that mistakenly put them in place to begin with.

So what exactly characterizes socialism? I wish I could stop with the short answer to this, which is simply “it’s communism dressed in a pretty package” or, put another way, “you can put lipstick on communism, but it’s still communism”. That’s the reality. Unfortunately there will (again) be liberal whack-jobs who want to debate the subtle, semantic differences between the two. THE GOVERNING PRINCIPLES BEHIND BOTH ARE THE SAME–that is, that society must be somehow “equal”, that wealth must be (artificially) redistributed, that nobody can own anything, and that there will, consequently, be no “classes” of people.

Utter hogwash. It would be amusing if there weren’t actually people out there pushing this agenda, ONE OF WHOM IS BARACK OBAMA.

Explain to me what is equal between one person who works all day long and another who collects a welfare check once per month? Explain to me what is equal between one person who graduates high school, goes to college, works full-time while pursuing his or her degree, gets a job with with a great deal of responsibility (and money) versus someone who chooses to flip hamburgers at “minimum wage”?

The liberals will tell you this disparity exists because the hamburger-flipper wasn’t afforded the same opportunities as the hard worker. They’ll say “you can’t look down your nose at someone who flips hamburgers–that’s hard work!”. They’ll tell you that because the hamburger-flipper’s mother was a crack addict, that he was somehow prevented from making more of himself. I’ll tell you that the bastard can’t even put a round hamburger on a round bun, and he wants MY TAX DOLLARS to give him a higher education?

I’m coming off the point a bit, but this is one debate within humanity that makes my blood boil more than any other. Let me just say that any real American–ANY TRUE AMERICAN–understands and believes that we are all born equal, AND FROM THERE WE ARE WHAT WE CHOOSE TO BE. I don’t need to be lectured about hamburger-flipping…I’ve flipped patties. I don’t need to be told about hard work–I’ve been a farm hand (and work doesn’t GET any harder than that). I also don’t need to be told about being or getting rich. I GREW UP POOR, at least by American standards, AND I’M FAR FROM RICH NOW. But the most important thing to know about me is that I AM EXACTLY WHERE THE CHOICES I’VE MADE HAVE TAKEN ME. I decided against college and so I have no degree and I don’t get taken seriously for many jobs. I chose not to join the military (back in my more ‘liberal-thinking’ days) and so I have no service to my nation to which I may point with pride. I chose to spend ten years “slacking” following my graduation from high school (which I chose, fortunately, to do) and so I’m a decade behind in achieving what I could have achieved. IT’S NOBODY ELSE’S FAULT THAT I HAVE NOT MADE MORE OF MY LIFE, and it’s nobody else’s responsibility to see to it that I do. I don’t deserve anyone else’s money because I’ve done nothing to earn it. I don’t believe in taking from those who have created, worked hard, and EARNED because I chose to pursue a less productive path. Robin Hood could just as easily be named “Robbing Hood” because taking from the rich to give to the poor is NOT noble or righteous. It’s also not NECESSARY, and THAT is the real beauty of the American Dream. ANYONE WHO SO CHOOSES can achieve heights unimagined by societies past. Americans are bound only by their own personal choices–nothing more.

Barack Obama, the Democrat nominee for President, doesn’t believe this. He (and most of his ilk) are of the opinion that wealth should be not a reward, but a right. He believes that it’s only fair to take from those who have earned, and redistribute that wealth to those who have not. He believes that it is George Bush’s fault that someone in Detroit is out of work (whereas I believe that someone who is out of work in a nation that offers employment to NINETY FOUR PERCENT OF IT’S POPULATION is someone who just wants to be out of work). Barack Obama believes that government exists to take ownership of everything, and through the power of it’s beauracracy to redistribute those assets to everyone regardless of their contribution to the creation and gaining of that wealth. THIS IS THE HEART OF SOCIALISM (look it up), and it’s WRONG.

Let’s talk Obama TAX CUTS. Barry Obama says he’ll provide tax cuts for 95% of the population. This magnanimous gesture would be absolutely wonderful if he could pull off the mathematical wizardry it would require, since at least 40% of the American populace pays no taxes to begin with! What Obama REALLY wants to do is take more money from those who are earning it–THOSE WHO CREATE WEALTH, CREATE JOBS, CREATE TRUE PROGRESS, AND CREATE PROSPERITY–and give it to those who do not. He wants to pass the largest tax INCREASES in history, but only on those who earn (go figure) and pass the money down to those who do NOT earn. He calls that a “tax cut”. I call it ADDITIONAL WELFARE in a nation already plagued by an increasingly unfair welfare class.

Oh, but what about those nasty, evil oil companies? Shouldn’t they have to pay more tax on their “obscene” profits?

Let me ask you a question. You have a small business; you sell widgets. Now you have a line of people a mile long who are craving your widgets so much that they’re willing to pay $4 per widget. Can you tell me truthfully that you, out of the goodness of your heart, are going to charge just $1 per widget? Of course you’re not.

Now, let’s say that it costs you only fifty cents to produce a widget, and so you’re making an “obscene” profit on your widgets. Is it fair that you should have to pay MORE in taxes than someone who is selling, say, whoozits but only turns a tiny profit-per-whoozit? Your widgets are in demand, their whoozits are not. Is this fair? Is it right? Is it the American way?

Let’s say the government succeeds in taking those excessive taxes out of your profits. Wouldn’t it be fair to assume that now, rather than expand your widget business, building new widget distributorships, creating techologically advanced widgets for the competitive widget-building industry, CREATING JOBS in the widget manufacturing sector–wouldn’t it be fair to say that you’ll either have to curtail those endeavors or find less-expensive ways of achieving those goals by, for instance, FINDING WORKERS WHO WILL WORK FOR PENNIES PER DAY IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY rather than paying good wages to American workers? Or you could maybe raise the price of your widgets even more, so that now the American workers who are losing jobs because those same tax increases on other businesses have affected their lives have to pay even MORE for widgets. Oh, Barack Obama and his cohorts in congress have an answer for that, too…THEY’LL JUST RAISE THE MINIMUM WAGE, so now you, Mr. Widgetmaker, have to pay even MORE wages to American workers (that manufacturing plant in China is looking more and more appealing, isn’t it?). So you lay off even MORE workers, and the communist bastards, rather than address the REAL PROBLEM (their moronic policies) want to come in and REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES ALL OVER AGAIN, in the name of “progress”! Tell me, isn’t this the biggest joke you’ve ever heard?

Socialism does not work. It never has, and as long as human beings are human beings it never will. America was founded on a principle that says, among other things, that all men are CREATED equal and are endowed with certain LIBERTIES (having the government tell you what you can make, when you can make it, how much you can charge for it, and how much of the money you earn you can actually keep–this is NOT LIBERTY). Note that the message of the founders was NOT that all men ARE equal. All men (and women) are most definitely NOT equal and again, never will be. As an American I believe that it is my right to be or do anything (within reason) that I wish to do. This includes being a billionaire or a bum, running a store or running for President. I can be just as educated as I want to be (and don’t believe for one second these fools who say that education can only be achieved by the priveleged–that in itself is a complete joke. There is a free public library in virtually every town in America…those who are not educated don’t care to be educated). I can be just as industrious as I want to be (it isn’t up to someone else to provide work for me–I live in America and I can find a million ways to make money if I don’t want a “job; and face it, those who don’t have jobs just don’t want them). POOR PEOPLE IN AMERICA ARE POOR BY CHOICE. That sounds harsh, I know, but reality is reality. The only exceptions to that reality are those who suffer–TRULY suffer–from a disability that just cannot be overcome, AND THERE ARE PRECIOUS FEW OF THESE IN THE WORLD TODAY. My mother is a victim of Multiple Sclerosis, yet she makes her way every day. Still, I have no problem with a society that wants to help those who are truly at the mercy of disease and deformity; those are “socialistic” roles I can comfortably trust to my government. But you know what? As soon as you give even that much, these people will start saying that DRUG ADDICTS SUFFER FROM A DISEASE! Please.

It is PATENTLY wrong to take from those who have earned to give to those who have not. This is the Barack Obama economics plan, and it stinks. Obama wants YOU to support the “poor” people of Chicago (who, to be truthful, wouldn’t know poor if it bit them in the ass–there are mothers in this world watching their children starving to death in their arms, children in this world who are seeing their parents STONED TO DEATH, and are then having their hands cut off because they won’t stop crying, and unlike in America there is NOBODY to whom these people can turn). Obama wants to take money from those who have created wealth (and jobs, and opportunity, and prosperity) and give it to those who have not. He wants YOU to pay for someone else’s education, someone else’s housing, someone else’s food, electricity, medical care. And if you are one of those who fall into the class who would receive these “benefits”? Then firstly, you should be ashamed to accept them, and secondly, MAKE SOMETHING OF YOURSELF. Don’t tell me about the job you’ve lost and how you can’t get another one. Don’t tell me that you are too old to re-educate yourself, or that you’re “losing everything”. I WAS HOMELESS THREE YEARS AGO, with a pregnant wife and a borrowed truck and a hundred dollars in my pocket. Don’t even begin to tell me what can and can’t be done in this country–I’ve been as down as one can be, and I’ve turned it around. There’s no reason you can’t, too.

All of that said, I have no problem with programs that TEMPORARILY assist people who are down and out. I’ve taken advantage of those very programs myself. But there must be LIMITS as to what these programs provide, and there must be limits as to how long anyone can take advantage of them. I was DESTITUTE three years ago, and today I have more than I’ve ever had in my life. Six months of government assistance was the bridge between falling and climbing for me. But MILLIONS in this country live on government handouts EVERY DAY, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR. They do that on the backs of American taxpayers, because people like Barack Obama perpetuate their class while talking of “tax cuts”. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

More to come.