This is the first in a series of posts that will be rather longish and in-depth. You should prepare yourself for this before reading, especially if you have the attention span of your average video gamer or television watcher. Nothing is going to explode, you can’t “level up”, there won’t be any extreme makeovers and nobody is going to be voted off of this island. Well, if they leave a truly inane comment someone might, but that will be after the post is completed so it doesn’t count.

The purpose of this post is to lay out, as succinctly as I can, my objection to Barack Obama and the far-left agenda. I’m going to try to avoid the usual “talking points”, although they’re generally valid. Instead I’m going to attempt to delve a little deeper into the realities of the persons and issues involved in this campaign and avoid the silliness and distractions. These are well and good, in the proper time, but this discussion is aimed at being a bit more serious.

Let me begin by giving you my “qualifieds”. Here’s what I’m not…I’m not a politician, a pundit, a newsman (though I once was), or a party hack. I’m not rich, and I’m not poor. I’ve not served in the military, though I spend seven days per week working for a Veteran’s organization. I am not a college graduate.

Here’s what I am…I’m a husband and father, a business owner, an otherwise-ordinary man, an American patriot. I have a great belief in the promise of America as it was outlined by our founding fathers and a great belief in the benefits AND RESPONSIBILITIES of Liberty. I believe in the free market and in small government that concentrates on providing basic infrastructure and ensures protection from our enemies but otherwise stays out of our lives–and out of our way.

When I say that I’m an “otherwise ordinary” man, it’s because I do have one extraordinary trait that is, at times like these, both a blessing and a curse. I’m referring to hyper-intelligence.

I point this out because it goes to the root of this whole blog. Any idiot with a computer and a couple of typing classes can put his opinion online these days, and almost any idiot can pick up on it and start quoting it like gospel (just ask the mainstream media or, more specifically Keith Olbermann–a bigger idiot you will be hard-pressed to find). There is so much crap out there, especially the pseudo-intellectual bullshit that flows from the left, that it can be difficult to distinquish between what SHOULD be read and believed and what should be left to suffer the death of isolation. For every blog out there that makes sense and offers something relevant to the conversation, there are a thousand that are nothing more than distractions at best.

So why is my opinion different than most? Well to be frank, it’s because I think more clearly and more directly than the vast majority of people. Allow me to illustrate.

My last officially measured Intelligence Quotient came in at 152. There are many factors that come into play before that number really means anything, and I’m not going to go into such detail for these purposes. Instead I’ll put this into perspective. Consider this example; if you gather 100 people into a room, and you choose the smartest two out of those 100, those two people score in the “98th percentile”, or the top two percent.

I score in the top two percent OF THAT TOP TWO PERCENT. In other words, if you put 100 of these exceptional people into another room, I would be one of the smartest two of THOSE. In comparitive terms, the physicist Stephen Hawking is believed to also have an IQ of 152.

Now simple IQ alone is not much of a measure of anything. There are differing talents that must accompany that for it to be worth much. I am not a “deep thinker”, for instance. That is to say that I don’t spend hours pondering the meaning of this particular thing, or studying the writings of a thousand scholars who came before. That type of intelligence belongs to people such as Barack Obama, whose IQ score is estimated to be somewhere in the range of 130-148. I’m also not a “whiz” with numbers; I don’t “compute” like a calculator. On the other hand I can add a column of numbers in my head faster than most people can do it on a calculator, so in that respect I have some “computational” ability. I have no great love for “deep thinkers”; I believe they are either incapable of drawing correct conclusions (and have to have to weigh so many opinions in hopes of findng one), or they’re incapable of making decisions based upon the information at hand, or they’re just wasters of time, or some combination of all of these. I also dislike them because invariably they wear their deep-thinking “prowess” like some kind of crown when, in reality, most of them are simply ninnies. The VAST majority of college professors are just like this. Their pseudo-intellectual crap is detritus of the highest order; I know perfectly good auto mechanics whose wit, wisdom and overall mental abilities far exceed that of some of our “most respected, learned” individuals…yet these are the people who are “educating” our young people today.

As for my “special skills”, firstly I enjoy an exceptional ability to retain information. I don’t forget much of anything. I can still remember the phone number for the hospital where my grandfather once stayed for a day or so…more than thirty years ago. I remember not only the actors and actresses in movies, but often the composer, gaffer, key grip, and other bizarre factoids of little or no use. This talent is diminishing somewhat as I age, but it’s still pretty sharp. Next, I have an amazing ability to “dismantle” things in my head, and put them back together again (sometimes in their original form, and sometimes in different but equally useful forms). It’s a little hard to explain what that means, especially because in my case it manifests itself in many ways. One of those ways is in puzzles–I can look at a puzzle, fully assembled, and once it’s broken down I can reassemble it with surprising efficiency. If you’ve ever taken aptitude tests that require you to look at a picture of a fully-assembled box and then choose which “unfolded” box would build the assembled one–well, those challenges take me all of about a tenth of a second to complete. Those are PRACTICAL examples of this particular intellectual gift. A less-demonstrable but even MORE “practical” (by my estimation) use of this function is that I can “read between the lines” as well as anyone I’ve ever met. This is an extremely useful talent and it applies equally with the written word as it does with the spoken.

Without doubt, however, the most impressive mental attribute that I have is the ability to DRAW CORRECT CONCLUSIONS. I refer to this as “big picture” ability.

Most people have the ability to easily move, in their mind, from point “A” to point “B”. They can see “if I do this, this will happen”. If you touch a hot stove you’re going to burn your hand. If you spend all of your money on Friday night you’re going to be unable to pay your bills on Monday. Virtually everyone can make correct assumptions as to an outcome when only points A and B are in consideration. A few people even have the ability to go from A to C, D even E or F on occasion. Very few people, I have found, can move much beyond that. Example–if I go out tonight, I’ll spend money that is already allocated to bills; I won’t be able to pay my cable bill on Monday; they will shut my cable off; I won’t be able to list anything on eBay; I won’t sell anything; I won’t have money to go out with next week. That is about the extent of most people’s “linear” thinking ability. Moreover, many people can ONLY think in this kind of linear fashion. They are okay when it comes to drawing obvious parallels or making obvious leaps, but they can’t think laterally while thinking in linear fashion AT THE SAME TIME. Try and picture, if you will, a question that has ten possible answers, and each of those answers is in turn a question with ten possible answers, on down the line. Some people can work two or three spots deep DOWN LINE and be moderately successful. Now, picture those different answers being INTERCONNECTED WITH THE OTHERS. Almost nobody I’ve ever met can take a given scenario and play it out all the way down AND ACROSS to arrive at the correct conclusion. Almost nobody except me. This is my intellectual “gift”.

While I am thrilled to the core to be able to see things so clearly, it makes me crazy that other people cannot. Things that seem so completely logical and obvious to me are lost on the vast majority of others. This is frustrating enough, but then when I try to explain these things I either get blank stares or argument. This is INFURIATING. It is because of this that I so often say I don’t suffer fools well–and if you’ve read this this blog much you know this to be true! I’m a living embodiment of the expression “those of you who think you know it all are very aggravating to those of us who do.”

So, to summarize to this point…my special talent is the ability to see the big picture, faster and more clearly than most others, and to draw proper conclusions in a fluid manner–while using a keen eye for patterns and meanings that are often hidden below the surface.

Can you see where I’m going here?

Now, how does all of this apply to this election in general, and to Barack Obama in particular.

Well I’m going to save entry into that discussion until my next post, but I will say this–and I’m going to repeat it half a dozen times before this is all said and done–so pay attention to it. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION YOU AND I HAVE EVER FACED, AND COULD VERY WELL BE THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION WE EVER WILL FACE. There really is that much on the line this go-’round.

More to come.

So what does that have to do with Barack Obama?