Charles Krauthammer has a wonderful piece in today’s Washington Post (and featured on called “Obama’s Altitude Sickness”. The entire essay can be found here:


Here is my response to the message (left as a comment to the RCP article).

“Eloquent and well contemplated, as always. It’s refreshing to see someone so respected who understands the situation and isn’t afraid to call it the way it is.

Whether or not your readers are supporters of Barack Obama, they have to know that he is, after all, just fluff. It isn’t that he doesn’t have the makings of a great politician–he may even have the makings of a great leader someday–but that day is not today, and I suspect he may have done himself irrevocable harm by trying to rush his ascent, like the diver who forgets that swimming hard for the surface seems like a good idea at the time, but ultimately comes with a lethal cost.

It is entirely possible that Sarah Palin may have been thrust upon this stage before she was ready, too…but as you note, her celebrity needs only last a couple of months and then, presuming she’s safely ensconced in Washington, she has time to do the things necessary to prepare for a bigger bite of the pie. Barack Obama, though, will be busy trying to assess and repair (if possible) the damage to a career so full of promise but devoid of patience. He won’t have time to lick his wounds, though. Between the racial chasm that will need strong leaders to refill, and the knife-wielding party hacks he’ll no doubt have to contend with (HOW could you lose an election that was unloseable??), he’ll be very busy indeed. I think, too, he may get a taste of exactly what the Clintons are feeling right now. Such is the time in which we live, and the party with which he has cast his lot.”