It seems the Obama team, in their greatest act of desperation to date, has ratcheted up the garbage rhetoric and their own “mock outrage” and, surprise surprise, the Liberal media is abetting their duplicity. You’d think the MSM would have by now learned at least a little lesson–and perhaps MSNBDNC is trying to hide its ties a bit better, while remaining the most ridiculous excuse for a house of journalism in human history–but on balance, they’re still the same old in-the-bag bunch they’ve always been.

Here’s what you do, Mr. McCain and company.

You put them on notice.

No, not polite little “you should try to be more fair” notice. Not whining notice. Plain old NOTICE. It should read something like this:

Dear Main Stream Media;

There’s going to be an election soon and when it’s all said and done John McCain is going to be President. You may not wish to accept that now, but it’s nevertheless true. Just for fun, though, let’s say there’s only a fifty-fifty chance of that happening. IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO CAST YOUR LOT WITH ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER.

See, if you’re going to pretend to be objective while clearly demonstrating your abiding affection for the Democrat in this race, the McCain/Palin ticket is going to make you put your money where your collective mouths are. BEGINNING TODAY, any media outlet clearly pursuing a partisan agenda will receive as good as it gets. You’re wondering what that means, exactly. Well, once President McCain is sworn in, there will be press briefings in the White House. You will each want a seat in those meetings. You will want those seats to be prominent. You will want to be called upon when you have a question. You will hope to have the opportunity to follow up on those questions if you do get to ask them.


You’re wondering who decides such appropriateness? PRESIDENT JOHN MCCAIN.

You, the members of the press, have a responsibility to the American people and you’ve clearly abdicated that responsibility. You’ve made it a point to MAKE news, not report it. You’ve created walls of deceit and innuendo and then “reported” on the sensation of it all. You’ve been disingenuous and in doing so you’ve endangered your role. Therefore your role will be diminished or dismissed altogether. The President of the United States can speak to the people of the United States without your help, especially now. The power of the internet has rendered your outlets useless for all intents and purposes anyway. The President has the ability to create an Executive Communications Center into which any American can tap at his or her will. There will be no more spin. There will be the live, unadulterated workings of the Executive Offices. Your presence will no longer be required.

If this is how you prefer communications to be handled when John McCain is President, keep up with your slanted reports. Keep promoting your agenda at the expense of objectivity and honesty. If you think viewership and subscription rates are on the decline NOW, just WAIT until you see the new ECC.

You’ve gotten all the warning you’re going to get. Clean up your act, fire those who continually violate the most sacred rule of journalism, and you’ll have a chance to remain a factor in the American experience. Continue your current path and you do so at your own expense.”

THAT’S how I would handle the media. It’s time these bozos were reduced to the whale-shit level they’ve put themselves at anyway. They’re rapidly becoming irrelevant. Maybe we just need to hasten that descent.