Conservative, Liberal, Democrat, Republican or Independent…if you haven’t seen this video, it’s about time you did.

You know it’s very easy for people who sit in offices with big wooden desks to make statements about things of which they have no knowledge. It’s easy for “war protesters” who have sacrificed NOTHING except a few days in front of their videogames to dress up in pink and make asses of themselves at parties to which they’ve not been invited. It takes a whole other breed to first, understand exactly what is at stake in places like Afganistan and Iraq, and secondly, to put their convictions to the truest test. I see a video like this and the only thing I want to say is SHUT UP, MR. OBAMA. Well that, and “Please put the violent war protesters in jail for a very long time. May I suggest Guantanamo?”

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Thank you for your service, Joe Cook, and to all those who regularly put their lives on the line in the interests of freedom and liberty WHEREVER IN THE WORLD THOSE INTERESTS NEED TO BE SERVED. If there were no greater reason, this one alone is why Barack Obama should NEVER be elected President.