…and so I am going to make a stab at change as well–at least temporarily.

This blog has been picking up an increasing viewership in the last few days and, while I feel that some of those who come here are doing so because my acerbic style appeals to them, I nevertheless feel that on occasion one must step back from synicism and sarcasm and remember, if only for a moment, that there’s an important task at hand. The fact is I use humor, slashing arrogance and a biting tongue because it’s fun and I’m good at it. The risk with this approach is that occasionally the message gets lost in the shuffle.

Now I’m not going to change everything about who I am, and I’m certain Barack Obama or someone else of his slant is going to say or do something stupid that is going to force me once again into bitch-slap mode (SEXISM ALERT!), but for the next post, which is forthcoming, I’m going to try to sheath my talons and work within a kinder, gentler framework. I’m going to call for a change from the candidates (and given my gravitas, I’m certain they are going to fall right into line!) and I’m going to explain, to some degree, why I feel the way I do about the candidates and this race. I’m also going to outline why I believe you must–MUST–vote correctly this year, moreso than in any other year since I’ve been involved in politics (28 years, to be exact).

Stay tuned.