If you’re just not sure how much trouble the Obama campaign is in, a few minutes’ listen to the opening of the Rush Limbaugh show this afternoon should help you guage that quite well.  During the introductory part of the episode, Limbaugh was utterly unable to contain himself…not with rage, not with acrimony or sanctimony, but with pure, unadulterated GLEE.  At the risk of making a sexist comment, he was literally giggling like a schoolgirl for a period that must have lasted ten or fifteen minutes.

Now Limbaugh is generally rather effusive anyway, but anyone who has been around people much (as I have) or who has been a radio air personality (as I have) can recognize right-off whether or not someone’s enthusiasm is real or fabricated.  I assure you Mr. Limbaugh was simply beside himself with joy, every bit of it emanating from that place deep inside that we only get to access on very rare occasions.  He was positively overjoyed with how poorly Barack Obama and Joe Biden have played their hand since the Limbaugh show went off the air yesterday.  Like me, Rush Limbaugh recognizes that Obama delivered a fatal blow to his campaign yesterday.  The end has been pretty clearly in sight for a few days now, but Obama passed out field glasses with his “Lipstick on a Pig” comment.

Now today, Obama comes out defiant and belligerent instead of somewhat apologetic.  Supporters of the Democrat nominee might take some comfort in this new stance; those of us with a brain see it for what it is.  This is a last-ditch effort to force the ship back onto it’s preferred course, and to begin defining the “rules” of the contest again.

What Barry doesn’t understand is that the rules have already been written, and he’s broken them without pause.  Not only has he trampled on the obvious ones, he’s defiled the unwritten rules as well.  By showing not the slightest bit of remorse, he’s basically telling the women’s vote that he doesn’t need it.  He may as well have said “Piss Off, Ladies”.  The effect would be just the same.

If you haven’t been offended by Obama’s callous disregard for women, and you haven’t been shocked by his incredible lack of wisdom and judgement, and you haven’t been nauseated by his pedantic dismissal of small-town Americans and the values we hold so dear–well, you’d vote for Vladimir Putin if he was running on the non-Republican ticket this year.  If, on the other hand, you actually HAVE an inkling of common sense and respect for yourself (and the great nation we live in), you’ll reject this guy outright and you’ll do it in dramatic fashion.  The Democrats need to be sent a clear message–DON’T GIVE US AN AMATEUR.  Don’t nominate a guy who is barely ready to run a traffic school.  Nominate someone with some gravitas, for Heaven’s sake.

Y’all remember that Clinton lady you had in your party awhile back?  She might have been someone to think about.  You probably should look into that sometime.

(Hey, I can’t stand Hillary Clinton, but I’d vote for her in a HEARTBEAT over this hack any day of the week.)