Dear John McCain,

I want you to know that I support you and Sarah Palin wholeheartedly.  In two short months you’re going to win the election, and any fool can see this is going to be a landslide.  It may be hard to believe, but this margin of victory is going to make me a bit unhappy.  I’d like to tell you why, and to give you a little warning from the trenches.

The problem with any victory of five or more points (and yours will be higher still) is that the newly-elected begin thinking they’ve got some kind of “mandate”.  They have a tendency to assume their new office as though their wide margin grants them some kind of extra power.  They take into their first days a feeling of invincibility and all too often they forget that they were sent to Washington with an “understanding”…that we, the electorate, expect them to do what they said they were going to do.

It’s far too common for us to just accept when our politicians don’t follow through on their promises.  We call that “politics as usual” and we’re so accustomed to it that we just shake our heads when nothing gets done.  You and Sarah are running on a promise to change all of that.  It will take strong leadership–the kind of which I am certain you’re capable.  It will take backbone–the kind of which I’m certain you possess.  It will take COMMON SENSE and a true “Country First” attitude.  I believe wholeheartedly that you carry both of these traits.  Please don’t let your time in Washington, at the highest levels of power, push them to the side.  I’m imploring you–DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

You and I both know that the majority of Democrats join that party because, while they share our base Republican ideals, the Dems tell a better “we are just like you” story.  You and I also both know that the only reason Barack Obama was even in this race is because Republicans, when given the chance to prove that we are better than (and different than) our tax-and-spend brethren across the aisle, utterly botched the job.  We are the party of FISCAL and INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY.  We understand that men and women must take charge of their own lives, must take responsibility for their own decisions, must accept both the credit and the blame for their own activities.  We understand that good ideas and hard work lead to success, and that those who achieve these pinnacles deserve to be respected, not robbed.  We believe that America offers the same opportunities to everyone, and everyone has the same chance to have a piece of the pie if they’re willing to put forth the effort to grow and thrive.  We are NOT the party of handouts, giveaways, or poor financial management.  We are NOT the party of waste.  We are not the party of regulation and intrusion into business, or people’s private lives.  We are the party that understands the need for limited government, and it is our responsibility as Republicans–and your responsibility as President–to do whatever is necessary to achieve that ultimate goal.

I know I don’t need to lecture you on what your job is, or how to go about doing it.  What I am cautioning, though, is that America has given the Republicans a second chance to prove that we can lead, and can make of government what it’s meant to be.  We have given YOU not a mandate, but an opportunity.  It’s up to you now to fulfill the promises you’ve made, to reform a broken system and dismantle a network of corruption, waste and mismanagement.  This is why we’ve pulled together to put you, a man of character and honor, in the White House.  I’m asking you to please keep your word, and don’t let us down.

I’d like to also point out exactly what is at stake here.  This election was nearly won by a junior Senator with absolutely no relevant experience who is so liberal as to be compared to some of the most heinous socialists in history.  Combined with his nearly-equal liberals in Congress, the election of Barack Obama could have easily spelled disaster on a massive scale for this nation.  Despite his nefarious associations, his pronounced lack of experience, his suspect judgement and his record as the most liberal and inexperienced person to have ever sought the office, BARACK OBAMA MADE A RACE OUT OF THIS for a time.  Many people believed he would actually win the election.  The mere thought that it could have happened scares the bejabbers out of me, and most Americans…as I’m sure it does you.  Understand, the only reason this was even possible is because America nearly lost faith in our party.  You have a huge responsibility now, but no small part of that is going to be restoring the integrity for which our party was once known.

You have a mandate, sir, but it is not to ride into Washington on a “more of the same” horse.  Your explicit direction from the American people is this–fix it.  Fix our government, fix our party, fix America.  It is up to you to make sure that no threat as grave as Barack Obama has any chance of ever being foisted upon America again.  You have the strength, the wisdom and the character to do this.  Please don’t let us down because next time there may not be a next time.