Dear Sarah,

Ronald Reagan had a tactic that was very effective on a number of fronts, and was probably not very well known outside of the Beltway.  Simply, he spoke to the media HE wanted to speak with, on HIS schedule, when HE felt like it.  When he had something to say to the American people, he went to the American people.  There was precious little of this “interview” and other such garbage that you see today when Reagan was President.  He had surrogates who took to the daily airwaves, of course, but he never “stooped” to that.  When something important needed to be said, he said it to US, not through some news hack but by way of speech to the entire nation.

By holding the obviously-biased (even back then) media at bay, Ronald Reagan allowed Americans to determine what he said, and what he meant.  He didn’t leave it up to the press to dissect it and present their version of it.  More importantly, by dictating the terms of his interaction with the media he made sure both they and the American people knew who was “boss”.  There is no reason whatsoever that an American President (or VP, as far as I’m concerned) needs to grant interviews or answer questions except in the time, place and fashion they desire.  There is much the people of America need to know–and when the time comes for them to know it, he took to the airwaves to speak to them personally.

I strongly, STRONGLY recommend you do the same.  Forget all of these people calling you out right now.  Who cares that they claim you’re afraid, or unprepared, or whatever?  The fact is YOU RUN THE SHOW.  When you’re ready to talk to the press, call someone YOU trust and talk.  When you have something to say, call a press conference.  If anyone thinks MSNBC (or MSNBDNC, as I prefer to call them) won’t show up with their cameras and microphones, they’re just morons.  Once you’ve finished your press conference, WALK OFF THE STAGE without answering their questions.  It’s your show.  You run it, and you don’t owe these people anything.  You never did, and you especially don’t now.

The reason the press has gotten so outrageous in the last couple of decades is that politicians have allowed them to do so.  Obviously they serve a purpose, and should be used accordingly.  But that purpose is to GET THE NEWS OUT–not to create the news, or to spin it as they do.  It’s time you, and John McCain, put them in their place.  These people savaged you and your family before you even had a chance to step off the plane in Dayton.  Right now it’s time for McCain/Palin to tell them to shove it–they’ll get what you give them when you’re damned good and ready to give it to them.  If you have something to say, they’ll be the first to know.  Other than that, let them go make up some more stories.  You have too much work to do to be distracted by such petty, partisan garbage and it’s working in your favor anyway.  Let them continue making their outrageous claims.  They’re just helping to hand John and you the keys to the White House.

That said, please remember that the American people DO need to hear from you, and from John McCain.  Take your case to the court of public opinion whenever it suits you.  You’re a celebrity now and you’ve got a great “if you build it, they will come” situation working for you at the moment.  Tell us–THE AMERICAN PEOPLE–what you wish for us to know.  Answer the questions you feel need to be answered (but be careful of the traps they’ll set for you, and don’t bother giving weight to the drivel they’ll try to use to draw you out).  Speak to us in rallies, and call prime-time press conferences.  If they carry them live, great.  If they don’t, put them up IN THEIR ENTIRETY on the internet.  We’re not the brightest folks sometimes, but we’re a lot brighter than the media (or those campaign managers out there) believe we are.  Put your word out, and let us decide from there what to think and to believe.

Ronald Reagan did it regularly, and it worked for him.  He remains the greatest President of our lifetime and is remembered fondly even by those who opposed him in those days.  That’s because he was real to us, not a “spin-doctored” politician the way today’s “leaders” are.  Be who you are.  Do what you do.  Just don’t dance to the tune the Liberals are trying to play for you.  You don’t answer to them.