Did you ever notice how frequently the silly Democrats talk themselves into a circle?  How often they spew–absolutely SPEW–hypocricy from every pore, utter it with every word?  The examples can be made on almost every issue at the moment (though Feminism, Sexism and Racism come most easily to mind right now), but the one issue I most want to highlight is one that demostrates clearly both the double-speak of the party and it’s candidate, and also his own lack of the substance about which they speak.

The issue before the court, as it were, is JUDGEMENT.  Obama’s minions have been quick to attack John McCain’s judgement in choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, questioning vociferously her qualifications for the job.  Given the conspicuous lack of accomplishment of their own candidate this smear is laughable, and it clearly demonstrates the inherent disingenuity of their arguments.  Likewise, questioning the thoroughness of the McCain camp’s vetting process–and insisting that (in the case of the mainstream media) they are only doing “their job” in vetting Palin for the American Public–is positively two-faced given that neither the Democrats themselves nor the “public-protecting” press bothered to investigate Obama AT ALL in this contest, either before or after his nomination.  To this day, hugely important questions remain about Barry and his associations, among other things.  The attacks on Palin were, and are, clearly political and clearly hypocritical.

Now, though, they complain that the McCain camp is keeping Palin away from the media, under wraps and out of the bright lights of the very press that has done their best to vilify her.  The underlying accusation behind the din of these complaints is one of “see, we told you she wasn’t ready!”

This puts them squarely at odds with themselves.  Admittedly Sarah Palin has not had the experience of facing teeming masses of press corps members intent on eviscerating her if she so much as hiccups.  Nobody who hasn’t undergone this sort of mass execution–and incidentally NOBODY has been subjected to the kind of vile “reporting” and speculation such as we’ve seen with Palin, at least not in recent memory–could prepare herself for it overnight.  Given the vulture-like nature of these people, isn’t it wise–read: good judgement–that the McCain camp is allowing Palin some time to both acclimate herself to that atmosphere and to “cram” for the littany of questions you just KNOW they’re going to pose with the sole intention of tripping her up?  Anyone who would knowingly walk into that kind of wolves den without some prep work and a fair amount of certainty of her ability to withstand such an attack would be demonstrating colossally BAD judgement, wouldn’t you think?

A clear-cut case of just this sort of bad judgement was demostrated just this past week–by none other than the sainted Barry himself.  Obama granted an interview with Bill O’Reilly…one for which he was severely unprepared (though he and his handlers probably believed otherwise).  From the first thirty seconds it was apparent he was nervous and could easily be pushed around.  By the first several minutes, exactly that was being done.  O’Reilly forced him to admit that the Surge, which he had been an unapologetic opponent of, had worked “beyond anyone’s wildest dreams”–the first time he has admitted this.  His body language and speech patterns made clear that he was off-balance, off-guard, and off-message (even though he tried several times to get back on that tired old horse).  Now I’ve already posted a message regarding how dangerous it is to have a President who is this easy to intimidate, so I won’t delve into that again.  The point of this post is to show what poor judgement he used, both in granting the interview in the first place and also in believing he was prepared for it, which he clearly was not.

By calling the McCain camp out on their refusal to subject Sarah Palin to the knife-wielding press so anxious to slice-and-dice her, the Liberals (within the party and the press) are simply reaffirming McCain’s wisdom and good judgement while shining a spotlight on their own hypocrisy.  When their cries of “foul” serve to highlight their candidate’s own folly and short-sightedness, the Dems also lay bare their own lack of decision-making prowess.