Well, this should end the whole “Troopergate” thing, the investigation of which was just more baiting on the part of the Dems and their liberal media puppets to draw voters away from the compelling story of Sarah Palin.  It turns out that, first, the trooper DID purposely tase his 10-year-old stepson (a really goofy lapse in judgement for a State Trooper, whether there was intent for harm or not).  And secondly, the public official who was fired from his post has repeatedly denied (not in this particular story, but in several others) that anyone from the Governor’s office even ASKED him to fire the Trooper.  He likewise confirmed that he was offered a different position in Palin’s administration, which he declined, and was later fired when his department was designated for overhaul.

Here’s the trooper’s take on the whole incident.  Note that you won’t find a SINGLE incendiary item in this account, from the trooper himself.