I hope that everyone, particularly independent-minded voters who haven’t decided on Barry yet, will watch this interview.  Here’s why.

As media people go, particularly “hard-hitting” conservative types (or those who bill themselves as such), I think O’Reilly is kinda soft.  He puffs himself up pretty well, but he has absolutely ZERO ability to close the deal–over and over again I’ve seen him have someone on the ropes and then, rather than go for the kill, he backs himself down ON PURPOSE.  Whether this is a ratings thing, or a “fairness” thing, or what…it nevertheless is a fact.  He may not throw softballs, but every time he’s got an easy strikeout there for the taking, he hangs a sweet curveball over the plate and gives up a base hit.  Not a lightweight particularly, but no killer instinct.

He had Barack Obama on the defensive from the first moment of the interview.  Obama looked weak and afraid in that room, and he was.  He was engaged in conversation with a toothless tiger and he was overmatched.

Anyone, ANYONE with any knowledge of human behavior–anyone who’s ever been in a true leadership position–anyone who has sat through even a first-year psychology class–will recognize Obama’s weakness IMMEDIATELY.

Now if Barry caves this easily to Bill O’Reilly, how in Hell is he supposed to deal with Putin or Ahmadinejad?

The real story of the O’Reilly interview isn’t the questions or answers–it’s the sheer terror with which Obama greeted the situation.  He was scared, plain and simple, and it showed.

America needs to see this.