I must credit Larry Kudlow with this one, though he may not be the one who originated it.  Simply, he called Sarah Palin “Sarah America”.  Altogether appropriate and I will begin calling her that on every suitable occasion.  SARAH AMERICA and THE WAR HERO…what an amazing story this is.  I’m anxious for my three-year-old to be old enough to hear it someday soon.  She’ll know who the characters are–they’ll still be President and VP when she’s reached the necessary age–but I get the great pleasure of telling her how they came to be the Dynamic Duo!


A random comment (by a guy named “RabidDem”) on a random blog:

I donated $1,000,000 and all I got was this lousy candidate


And another random comment, on the same blog post (discussing Obama’s increase in campaign contributions following Palin’s speech):

That’s GREAT!  Not only will the Dems be angry when Obama loses, they’ll be broke too!


 Blogger Jonah Goldberg had this to say regarding Sarah Palin, following her masterful speech:

“[Palin] was put on this earth to do two things: kill caribou and kick butt. She’s all out of caribou.”