Dear Hillary,

We’re sorry.  We’re really, really sorry.  No, really…we really are.  We’re so very, terribly sorry.

Won’t you please, please come back and help us win this time?  It’s true we’ve let you down and we don’t deserve to have you back.  We’re nincompoops.  We’re incompetent.  We drank the Kool-aid.  We just so wanted this guy to be the real deal.  We know we didn’t bother actually studying him much and we know we dissed you in the process of annointing him.  Please don’t hold us responsible for our idiocy.  Please please PLEASE come back.  You can be Numero Uno.  We’ll jettison Biden.  Hell, we’ll jettison Barry…we know he’s a loser now anyhow.  Just please come back.  We need you.  We screwed up and we’re sorry.

We’re really, really sorry.  Really.



The Democrats



No?  Damn.



Dear Al,

We’re sorry.  We really, really are…