You know, more than five minutes or so spent at The Huffington Post is generally enough to create nausea and depression all at the same time.  To say that the HuffPo people are a sad reminder of the true degeneration of our American society and humanity in general would be far too kind and gentle.  If you want to see everything that is truly evil in our culture, I definitely suggest you take a few moments of your time and check out The Huffington Post.  Just make sure you do it on an empty stomach because the contents of that horrid website will cause you gastric distress, unless you’re just not human.

Given that introduction, it’s difficult to believe that any one thing could possibly stick out as being even more vile than all the rest, but THIS POST creates a true Pepto-Bismol reaction moreso than almost anything I’ve ever read in the political arena.  Normally I would be inclined to bury something of this nature and hope that nobody ever dug it up because the author of a post of this nature shouldn’t get the notoriety he so desperately craves–but something as putrid as this should be seen by everyone who has a heart, a brain, and a stomach to be made sick.

This is your liberal blogosphere in a nutshell.  Here is the type of person you have backing the likes of Barack Obama.  Here’s your Democrat–you know, the guy who stands up for Everyman and protects him against the big bad Republican.  Here’s your kind and humanistic Lib at his finest.

Some people just buy a place in Hell, if there is one, in a single purchase.  This might have been Chris Kelly’s ticket money being spent.  What a filthy piece of human garbage this guy is.  Wow.