No bounce because despite the mainstream media’s attempts to show him in a different light, the fact is Obama is a lightweight and the American people aren’t as stupid as we sometimes seem to be.

What’s interesting in this political atmosphere is not looking at what is said, or what happens to dominate the news cycle, but the story behind those two things.  If you have any talent for reading between the lines you’ll spot a few unmistakeable realities.

First, these “revalations” about Sarah Palin are not new to the McCain camp.  Not only were they aware of them, they’re going to use them to their maximum advantage.  One thing that can always be counted on is a quantum overreaction by the Dems on any perceived issue–and these issues happen to have a significant ability to boomerang back onto the Obama camp in devastating fashion.  The entire act of running for President in this day and age is a chess game–and Republicans in general are better at it than Democrats.  The McCain camp is proving to be absolutely brilliant at it…and if McCain himself is behind the bulk of this bobbing and weaving, he’s an absolute Grand Master and he DESERVES the Presidency.

Next, the drabble that the Democrats–especially the louder, more recognized bloggers–keep trying to use to slow the Palin momentum tells you they KNOW they’re in a world of doo-doo. The Dem leadership won’t say it, the Obama camp can’t stipulate to it, and sadly the rank-and-file Democrats aren’t usually smart enough to realize it on their own…but this is a race that now clearly is John McCain’s to lose.  If nothing else, history is on his side.  Republicans play catch-up, and McCain just doesn’t have far to go.  An energized conservative grass-roots movement is a wooden stake to the heart of the Liberal attack (Democrats have never been able to beat a concerted conservative movement, and they aren’t likely to start this year) and that stake has been sharpened with the choice of Sarah Palin as running mate.

Finally, the Democrat ticket has not one but TWO huge liabilities to overcome in these coming months.  The first is the mouth of Barack Obama, and the second is the mouth of Joe Biden.  Obama simply can’t get it right–ANY OF IT–when he’s not on-script.  He fumbles his answers, says absolutely inane stuff his campaign has to work overtime just to cover, and basically lets his heiney hang out almost as soon as the teleprompter goes black.  He’s an absolute master at delivering the pre-digested rhetoric but he’s an empty suit otherwise and nobody shows that more efficiently than Barack himself.  Then there’s Joe Biden, who is genetically predisposed to inanity at any given moment.  Biden can’t even contain himself when he IS on the teleprompter…and it doesn’t take much of a genius to goad him into a colossal slipup.  You know it’s coming–and the Obama camp knows it’s coming–it’s just a matter of time.

This election belongs to John McCain if he can avoid such flubs of his own.  I love the guy but if he gives these weaklings any more fodder (“I’m not as well versed on the economy as I should be”) I’m going to poke his eyes out myself.  THAT’S A JOKE, if the Secret Service is monitoring this!