…but Hillary Clinton, in her DNC speech a few moments ago, absolutely just told her supporters in not-so-subtle terms to KEEP FIGHTING.  The whole Harriet Tubman “keep going” thing was not a message to the generic Democrat, or to the Obama crowd–that was an absolute, direct challenge to her supporters to keep fighting for her…against Obama!

There is no question her entire speech was about Hillary Clinton–not Obama.  There is no question that EVERYONE can see now who they SHOULD have nominated…Hillary Clinton, not Obama.  There’s no doubt she’s become a much better candidate, and her run was every bit as historic (if not moreso) than that of Baby Barry.  I promise you there will be a lot of Democrats who won’t sleep very well tonight unless they load themselves up with enough post-convention booze to knock them out, because Hillary knocked one out of the part tonight AND IT WASN’T FOR BARACK OBAMA!

I still can’t believe the pundits aren’t pointing all of this out though, especially that whole “keep going” thing.  Was nobody listening for the between-the-lines speechmaking???