Knowing what I do of people, particularly people in the part of the country where I live (where there are only five or six conservatives, and three of those are in hiding), you would think that nothng could surprise me.  Think again.

I’m eating Chinese today when conversation at the table opposite mine turns to Barack Obama.  The male and female couple are loud enough to be overheard and the fortyish woman says–I kid you not–that she’s voting for Barack Obama “because all the best actors and actresses think he’s the best”.

Yep, that would be the clincher for me too if, say, I WAS A COMPLETE BLOODY MORON.

This is Obama’s constituency.  This is Obama’s candidacy.  THIS is who we’re seriously considering electing President.  Makes you wonder if maybe it wouldn’t be better to take away some people’s right to vote, huh?  Perhaps we should have a certain baseline IQ requirement of…oh, I don’t know…two points higher than Al Gore.

Hey, that still leaves Rainman.  Speaking of Rainman, I think I have a job for him if Obama gets elected…

“Hey Rainman, wanna be the official Pilot for Air Force One?”