Here’s some food for thought…a basically good person is approached by someone and asked to carry some packages into a crowded mall.  The basically good person, having his heart in the right place, readily agrees.  As he breaches the doorway one of the packages explodes bringing the building down and killing hundreds.

Is the basically good person a terrorist?  Is he just as bad as the person who planned the attack or built the bomb?

Your knee-jerk reaction to this scenario will be to say “OF COURSE NOT!  HE WAS AN INNOCENT VICTIM!”

To this I vehemently DISAGREE, and you’ll learn why in a moment.

Switching gears a bit, let’s talk about patriotism.  I’ve been giving this some thought of late and I have come to the conclusion that I don’t believe that Barack Obama is intentionally unpatriotic.  I do most definitely think he has an agenda that includes doing whatever is necessary to achieve his goal (the Whitehouse), and I believe wholeheartedly that he would sell out his own mother and/or sign away his own soul to get there (which his choice of Joe Biden as a running mate CLEARLY demonstrates)…but I don’t believe he entered this fray with latent anti-American thoughts in mind. 

That said, he’s every bit as much a traitor to his country as someone who sells secrets to Russia, and I honestly believe that he’s exponentially more dangerous.

Barack Obama and the Unintentional Terrorist share certain commonalities that cannot be ignored.  The first is that having one’s heart in the right place basically counts for diddly.  It is our actions that affect the world around us, not our intentions.  It is the decisions we make moment to moment that determine what happens within our sphere of influence, not the happy horseshit that motivates those decisions.  One’s decisions must be tempered by much, much more than just how pure of heart we may be.  Whether or not Barack Obama intends evil for this country does not mitigate the simple fact that his presence in it’s leadership will necessarily permit, and more importantly create, forces that will absolutely serve to destroy our nation from within.  Does his seeming ignorance of this fact get him off the hook?  Will his obvious ineptitude remove him from blame when he almost single-handedly “brings down the building”?  Will he be any less responsible for our imminent collapse simply because he “thought he was doing the right thing”?  Absolutely not.  The only difference between Barack Obama and an outright traitor to the country is that at least the agenda of the traitor is pretty easy to discern and considerably easier to defend against.  Someone whose ability to destroy is hidden behind a “heart in the right place” is infinitely more dangerous and every bit as guilty as the intentional traitor.

But it’s more than that.  Like the Unintentional Terrorist, Barack Obama is even MORE guily than the anti-patriot because he simply should know better.  Mommy taught me a long time ago not to talk to strangers.  Five minutes in the airport taught me that I shouldn’t accept packages from people I don’t know.  9/11 taught me that there are those in this world who mean to do us harm and I must be perpetually vigilant against their nefarious aims and means, which include using innocent, good-hearted mules like myself to deliver their particular evil.  The Unintentional Terrorist failed the most basic responsibility that he has, which is using his experience and his wit to avert calamity.  Barack Obama is equally guilty of failing to use his noggin, and this incompetence–unlike the Unintentional Terrorist–threatens to bring down an entire nation.

I simply don’t care what Barack Obama believes.  I don’t care what he’s seen or heard in Jeremiah Wright’s church, or how well he tunes Nancy Pelosi out (or in).  My concern with the Unintentional Traitor is that he has demonstrated contempt for the very principles that created and have maintained this nation.  This is a conscious choice.  Whether it arises out of an inability to effectively draw correct conclusions when presented with clear and unquestionable evidence, or it is a byproduct of his single-minded political aspirations, or it is because he’s a closet weakling whose strings are (obviously) being pulled by much more seasoned and calculating deviants,  BARACK OBAMA IS A TRAITOR TO THIS NATION.  He’s a traitor because he’s weak of intellect, weak of will or weak of character.  No matter which weakness is responsible, the policies he will pursue are dangerous to the point of destruction for our nation.  The evidence that his ideas are wrong-headed exists all around him and throughout history–he’s simply ignoring or unaware of it, and for someone running for the highest office on the planet, that is simply unacceptable.

Barack Obama is anti-American.  He is a traitor by virtue of his ineptitude, and by the fact that he has put that ineptitude into a position where he may very well gain an office that is significantly above him, no matter where “his heart is”.

The question at this point is not whether the Unintentional Terrorist or the Unintentional Traitor are guilty–clearly they are.  What remains to be answered is whether we, the American people, will ourselves become complicit in the destruction of the greatest nation ever placed upon this Earth.  Any American who casts a vote for the Unintentional Traitor may as well be carrying mysterious packages into a crowded shopping mall.  Anyone with the power to prevent a tragedy such as an Obama presidency, but fails to do everything in his/her power to do so, is no less a traitor than every single person who’s sold this nation out since it’s founding.  The evidence is all around us, and it’s unmistakeable.  If we fail to draw the proper conclusions from it, or we ignore it’s warning, we…WE…will be ultimately responsible for our own annihilation.