There’s going to be a “stream of consciousness” feel to my first few weeks because there’s just so much to say.  There won’t be any flow to any of this, or any real organization, because I’m just going to post whatever comes to mind the minute it gets there so long as it comes while I’m sitting at the keyboard.

Most of it at this point is going to be oriented toward Barack Oboreme.  My current train of thought goes something like this:

How did this CHILD reach any kind of prominence?  I mean my God, I know we’re a nation of absolute idiots but come ON…I see this guy and the first thing that I hear in the back of my mind is “Today, Barack is brought to us by the letter Q”.  I keep expecting to see the muppets come out and start singing or something.  He walks around from behind the podium and I check to see if he’s wearing Gucci loafers or a set of Romper Stompers.  Then I hear some genius in the media start talking about what a wonderful orator he is…what?

Obama’s speechmaking is about as exciting as an announcement of a Peaches & Herb reunion tour.  He says nothing new, and while it’s true he delivers his worn-out rhetoric with teleprompter efficiency and a tone borrowed from dozens of more eloquent black men who came before him (even Jesse Jackson brings more passion to the stage, and he’s about as animated as a houseplant, articulate as a driver’s ed teacher and he speaks with what sounds like a mouthful of straw) the fact is that at some point the hands go up and he has to think and speak off the cuff.  When that portion of the proceedings inevitably comes, his acclaimed oratory suddenly disappears and his true self emerges, bringing to mind Foster Brooks on steroids.  Barack Obama is a great orator?  That’s like saying Gloria Steinem is every man’s dream wife.

But people are buying it.  I swear to you the Democrats could just as easily have put a poster-child out there–no, I mean a REAL POSTER CHILD, some kid who poses for a “vote for me because I’m not George Bush” wall hanging–and the average American idiot would still be eating it up.  Naturally the media is mostly to blame for this, but it truly sickens me to think that as a society fully half of the people around me at any one time are actually buying into this guy.  Have we gotten so stupid and lazy that we can be duped this easily?

Here’s the bumper sticker I created for my car.  One of many I’ll be sporting before it’s all said and done, I’m sure, but it’s the one that focuses my primary thought at the moment:

Elect a GROWN-UP for President '08

Elect a GROWN-UP for President


Yep, that about says it all at the moment.

I’ll say more soon though.